What Is A Ballot Party Anyway?


Trust us. Voting is way more fun with friends. Why? Sharing your values and working on something bigger than yourself with others is clinically proven (by the Mayo Clinic!) to raise happiness and help with mental health. 

A ballot party's goal is to get together to decide who you’ll vote for in the upcoming election. These decisions are very personal but it is often helpful to talk through your decision with friends or family who share your values.  It can be small and intimate with just 3-5 people, or large and raucous with even more.

You don’t need to be an expert in order to host a Ballot Party. SameSide makes it easy. When you organize your ballot party through SameSide, we send you and your guests this resource toolkit at the start of the event to help guide the party. That way, everyone gets a trusted voter guide from Courage California and other voting tools to make it as easy as possible to power their vote. Learn more.

Ready to get started? Just create an event listing and have your friends RSVP. 

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Step Up Your Ballot Party Game

Alright, so you've organized the event and people are joining. Now what?? Here are our suggestions for organizing the best ballot party:

  • Decide if it's going to be virtual or in-person (SameSide supports both)
  • Make sure everyone brings their ballot so they can fill it out right then and there
  • Set the scene by having everyone share what this election means to them
  • Use the Courage CA voter guide that was texted to all your phones from SameSide
  • Start with the propositions - there are several so it's good to work through those first
  • Move on to the candidates and lock in that vote!

Now you've got the basics, turn it up a little:

There you go! Have fun with it but most importantly, bring people together to power your votes.

If you have any questions about organizing a party, drop us an email! We're happy to help! 


Start Organizing Your Ballot Party!

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