What We Can Learn From Astrology for a More Connected Self and Society

Kathryn Diaz, LMFT, practices Holistic Psychotherapy, EMDR & Astrology to treat addiction/substance abuse issues, trauma, grief and loss, self-esteem, and attachment (relationship) issues.

by Kathryn Diaz

For centuries, astrology has been considered a tool of divination, and was used by ancient civilizations as a guide for daily life, to predict seasonal shifts, and to interpret celestial cycles to connect with the divine. Aquarius, ruled by Uranus—God of the heavens and the night sky—is also the ruler of astrology. As an Aquarius rising with many Uranus aspects, I was always intrigued by the art of astrology but kept my interest limited to The Secret Language of Birthdays for many years. Because of astrology’s reputation of being a hoax-y pseudoscience, I resisted what I was naturally drawn to for most of my life.

In my pursuit to understand the mysteries of the Universe, I began to decode my own inner mysteries, which then paradoxically gave me answers to my original questions that were the catalyst for the journey in the first place. I was beginning to understand life and myself in a completely new way. I was beginning to sense some order and meaning in my seemingly chaotic life. It was as if I had woken up from a long slumber.

It was then that I began to take astrology more seriously. As a practicing therapist, I kept my studies to myself for a while. But after getting referred many jaded clients at the rehab I was then working at, I began to do their charts too. And they became interested. And eventually I had a line out my office door, and a reputation of being some sort of witch. Lol.

It wasn’t lost on me that the deeper I was able to know and understand myself, the deeper and more able I was to know and understand my clients. I was shepherded into a new realm of therapeutic work, a much deeper and more mystical one. It was amazing, and fun and different. It was giving people (myself included) a belief in some sort of divine order and a way to rebuild their/our lost connection to something greater. And for the spiritually-starved modern man, this was a deeply healing experience. But of course with this controversial new offering of therapeutic astrology, I also encountered some resistant skeptics who were unwavering in their opinion that astrology was bullshit. Although I’ve always said it’s not my job to convince anyone of whether or not astrology is valid, it made me sad to see what these people were missing out on in terms of exploring the uncharted territory of their psyches. I merely wanted to share the experience of consciousness and self-awareness, and convey how astrology can make that arduous and abstract process a little more tangible. As Oprah said, “What I know for sure about spirituality, is that it’s ultimately about self-awareness,” and astrology, in my opinion, might be the greatest and most direct tool in attaining it.

Some form of astrology can be found in almost all ancient cultures around the world. The ancient Greeks used it, along with mathematics, medicine and engineering. In the Hellenistic period, astrology was as respected as any other science. In fact, it was widely acknowledged as a basic way of knowledge (I’m not saying all ancient techniques were winners).

In the Middle Ages as the Christian Church gained more power, and with the beginning of the scientific approach, astrology, along with many other methods of healing, ritual and feminine arts, were disregarded and lost to the modern person. Now, hundreds of years later, astrology is on the rise again, and I hope that one day it will be common place for psychologists and therapists to be trained in the art, because what it offers to the patient seeking answers, connection or the alleviation of suffering, is immeasurable. Astrology provides a comprehensive personality assessment system that quite frankly puts the rest of them to shame.

Astrology can be used to illuminate the interior life and fuel self-reflection. It can be a source of connection to the cosmos and a greater understanding of the Universe and it’s mysteries. But in order to understand the Universe, one must first connect to and decode the Self. What astrology can bring to psychology is something that has unfortunately been removed from the study itself and our lives in general. That something is the meaning of the word psyche: soul. To be able to bring soul back to a subject that has, in our modern time, based itself on quantifiable, objective behaviors, will draw more people in to explore their inner realms and become more self-aware. Ultimately, this will not just be great for the individual, but for society as a whole.

Kathryn Diaz is hosting Astrology + Actvisma virtual event to come together and learn about what the natal charts say for the coming election and exlpore our deeper connection to activism through our star signs.

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