What is SameSide?

Here is how SameSide works

SameSide is a peer-to-peer events platform much like Eventbrite and others, supporting virtual and in-real-life events (when we get back there).

Anyone can create a virtual event on SameSide. We provide ticketing, RSVP and guest management tools for any event. However, what makes SameSide unique is that it allows any gathering or event to align with a cause - this can be a non-profit cause, a civic engagement cause or a political candidate so you can fundraise or raise awareness about an issue that's important to you. 


During the event, all guests who have RSVP'd receive an action toolkit which is sent to guests phones via text from the SameSide platform. This toolkit has info about the cause and several calls to action to support that cause. 

How to get started

  1. Pick a cause: Choose a cause to support from our list of campaigns curated by organizations and advocacy groups.
  2. Create your event: Let guests know what you’ll be doing and what cause you’re supporting. Events can be free, or you can include activity costs into a ticket price
  3. Spread the word: Easily share a link with your network and on social media. For private events, your page will only be available to the people you share it with.

Let's get started!