Event Recap: VOTEST to Power Your Vote

The PUSH MVMT launched their most ambitious event yet in the heart of Venice, CA


The team behind The PUSH MVMT successfully organized their most ambitious event yet, VOTEST! To Power Your Vote, in the heart of Venice, CA. Bringing together local musicians, artists, activists and organizations the event was billed as a music-driven community gathering to inspire and educate people about what is on their ballot and why it is so important to vote. 

Lead organizers Bova Wilson, Shelley Bruce, Shay Franco-Clausen, Amber Whittington and Alyssa Mason were joined by SameSide founder, Nicole àBeckett, to build out an event that was wrapped in joy, community and fun but supported getting out the vote. We all know voting is important but it can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when there are so many propositions, measures and candidates to vote for. You don't want to vote the wrong way or you don't see anyone who represents your values so sometimes it seems easier to just not vote at all. 

That's where VOTEST came in! Calling themselves "The Dream Team" each host brought different qualities to organizing an event that made it easy and FUN to vote. Most had never met before the first PUSH MVMT event in August. However, they came together through a mutual desire to do more in the 2020 election for their community. 

Organizers of VOTEST. Images by @major_feels

The event was anchored by The Conversation Truck, a brain child of Alyssa Mason from Roamng Hunger Agency. The truck was previously used for food truck events but following the George Floyd murder and subsequent protests of police brutality, Alyssa lobbied for the truck to be converted to a truck that could travel to protests and be used to hold space for conversations about the issues that matter to them. It holds a sound system to rival most clubs and has hosted DJs, artists, comedians and everyone in between. 


Throughout the day, hundreds of ballots were cast, voters registered and voter guides shared througout the event. In between artists performing activists Shay Franco-Clausen, Amber Whittington, Molly Watson and Nourbese Flint used the Courage California Voter Guide to run through every proposition on the ballot and share how to vote for a progressive outcomes to specifically support black and brown communities. 

Nourbese Flint from Black Women for Wellness Action Project

Shay Franco-Clausen, Campaign Manager of YES on Prop 17 and all around bad ass.

What made the day electric was the talent and energy brought by all the performers.

The event kicked off with DJ Kenway Live one of the most in-demand DJs in Los Angeles and hailing from Inglewood. The rest of the lineup included Mike Wallz and Lightfoot Labs making up the duo ION, Kiara the Voice performing her vegan hit "Plant-Based Pussy," Cocoa Sarai singing deep soul with "Strange Fame," 3 Black Kids hyping up the crowd with smooth hip hop on the mic and DJ Brian Henry to close out the day blasting all the hits. VOTEST was fiyahhhhhh!

DJ Kenway Live

Kiara the Voice performing "Plant Based Pussy"

Mike Wallz from duo ION

Cocoa Sarai performing "Strange Fame"



Sterling Victorian of 3blackkids

The main purpose of the event of course was making sure people felt confident and empowered to vote. And vote they did. Using a ballot box secured by Shay Franco-Clausen attendees brought their ballots along and dropped them in the box to make their voices heard! Ballot tracking ensures your vote it counted. 

Dropping that ballot!




Another voter!


First-time voter!





Host a VOTEST For Your Community

SameSide is proud to have powered VOTEST with tools to power voting. The PUSH MVMT toolkit holds all the tools necessary to be an empowered voter and every guest received it straight to their phone. If you're wondering if you can do the same for your community reach out! It's not too late to bring your people together to educate them on voting, their ballot and using their voice. Get in touch with us and we can help you out: info@onsameside.com




MIke Wallz & Lightfoot of ION






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