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Support for Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault Survivors

Building healthy relationships, families and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence.

Campaign Leader: Peace Over Violence

City, State: Los Angeles, California

About the Campaign:

DART, the Domestic Abuse Response Team, is a multi-disciplinary team, which consists of police officers in uniform and a counselor advocate who have extensive knowledge on issues of domestic violence.

This is a system-based model that joins the efforts of criminal justice, social service and community based agencies. The mission of DART is to work together toward the common goal of reducing the incidence and impacts of domestic violence and increase access services for the entire family.

What We’re Fighting For

How We Will Win

Full funding of DART through the City of Los Angeles Budget

DART is a proven program that supports survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. The program seeks to stop the cycle of survivors falling back into a pattern of domestic violence scenarios. Funding for the program is provided through grants and foundation support. We are requesting city officials to make this a permanent program supported by the city budget and a permanent funding source.

Full Funding of DART through the City of Los Angeles Budget

Contact the Mayor and City Councilmen/women to advocate for DART to be permanently funded in the City budget.

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