SameSide 2020: Year In Review

Big, public companies report their profits and financials in annual reports as a measure of success of a company. While we believe financial health is a very important metric to ensure a company can continue to thrive, we also believe that the success of a company lies much more in the impact they've made in their community and the communities they service.

SameSide is a platform that helps organizers connect their events, classes, panels, workshops, and more to causes they care about and provides resources and ways to support the cause. So when we evaluate our impact, we take a deeper analysis at the events on our platform to understand the impact our hosts and the SameSide community have to move the causes they support forward. Here's what we found. 

The Analysis

Hosts on SameSide bring people together for a cause they care about. SameSide supports each event with a resource toolkit to take action on the issue whether it's signing a petition for more COVID relief for restaurants or supporting Color of Change's movement to stop Facebook's discriminatory algorithm or raising money for the Georgia run-off races. 

This was 2020 so naturally the presidential election and supporting local candidates were most popular on SameSide this year.  Of the election events, 48% were specifically focused on fighting voter suppression. The organizations, Reclaim Our Vote and Fair Fight were leading beneficiaries for these events. 

Where We Need To Do Better

In looking at our data, we recognized that a glaring miss were events for LGBTQ rights. We are committed to recruiting more hosts who want to work to bring systemic change such as passing the Equality Act and more representation of Trans individuals in leadership. 

Check out our campaign for The Equality Act in support of Human Rights Campaign. Want to support this cause? Email us to find out how. 


We're very proud that in 2020 we had participants from 49 states (c'mon North Dakota!) and even more proud that people have joined SameSide events from across the globe! Our international participants joined in events supporting sustainability in fashion, racial equality, mentrual equity for all and more. 


Habits of Waste is dedicated to identifing everyday "habits of waste" and providing easy & sustainable alternatives. In 2019, the non-profit partnered with SameSide to create the #CutOutCutlery campaign after research showed that 40,000,000,000 (that's BILLION) pieces of single-use plastic end up in the environment every YEAR. Much of this waste is avoidable becuase often single-use cutlery is unnecessarily delivered with take-out. 

Habits of Waste used SameSide to lobby food delivery apps such as Postmates, Doordash, Uber Eats and GrubHub to change the default to no-cutlery and allow users to opt-in to cutlery. Over 4,000 emails were sent and in 2020 Uber Eats and Postmates, in order to listen to their customer's demands, changed the default! Postmates estimates that 122 million packs of plastic cutlery have been saved from entering the waste stream. 

"We absolutely could not have done this without SameSide. Seriously. You've made it so easy for people to connect with our campaign and it has made all the difference. Thank you!"

-Shelia Morovati, Habits of Waste Founder

Watch this video by BuzzFeed's Goodful channel about #CutOutCutlery with Adam DeVine, Laura Dern, @Greengirlleah and more!

There's still more to be done. DoorDash, Grubhub and Seamless still haven't signed on and larger takeout locations like Chipotle are also part of the problem. You can join #CutOutCutlery in sending emails to these companies to get them on board with the change. Send the pre-written emails now with one click! 

Or better yet, connect your next event, workshop, meeting or book club to #CutOutCutlery and amplify the support! Find out more.


International Women's Day: Women Who Wine for Downtown Women's Center

(Pre-Covid) Hosted by Natalia Foroutan, this was a wine tasting event for Downtown Women's Center. All guests brought toiletries to donate to DWC's day center that provides showers and a place of refuge to women experiencing homelessness. 

So much joy in doing good.

Dropping off toiletries

The resource toolkit with information and ways to support women experiencing homelessness. 

Ballot Party to Power Your Vote

(Pre-Covid) This ballot party for the California primary in March brought together people to connect over what and who was on the ballot, share opinions and bring a good vibe to what was sure to be a crazy election year. 

A voting photo booth

Guests received a ballot guide for everything on their ballot

Voting is way more fun with friends

Beach Dance Workout for Heal the Bay

Divinity Gaines, a personal trainer and yogi, partnered with Yoniswell, a female surf collective making the male dominated sport accessible to all women, for a beach dance workout and paddle out. The class brought women together who were looking for connection around health, surfing and the healing power of water. Together, hundreds of dollars was raised for Heal the Bay. 

Divinity leading with joy 

Happy snaps post workout

Every Yoniswell event includes a paddle out where all levels of surfers are welcome

Votest: Bring Your Ballots

Voting is a form of protest. So hosts Bova Wilson, Shelley Bruce, Shay Franco-Clausen, Amber Whittington and Alyssa Mason wanted to make sure this protest was something you and all your friends wanted to join. The team joined SameSide to take over Windward Circle in Venice, CA and give all the information and inspiration people needed to participate in this generation defining election. Read the full recap here.

Kiarra the Voice bringing the light and love to the crowd

Host Shay Franco-Clausen sharing some knowledge about what is on the ballot

Sterling from 3 Black Kids was on fire

Learn more