Post Election - The Good News About Where We Go From Here

One thing is clear - change is slow and we must continue the work

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Last night was a roller coaster! To say the least. 

One thing is clear, voters overwhelmingly chose new leaders to move us forward together toward a better future. We did not let anything get in the way of voting and we will not let anything get in the way of our votes being counted, so that the person the voters have chosen is the one sworn in as our president.

There are tens of millions of votes left to count. Local election administrators are hard at work counting them now, and every hour that goes by is adding to the tally and emphasizing the voters’ decisive choice. 

America saw what will likely be the highest voter turnout since 1960! That is really good for representative democracy. In the end, Our votes represent our voices. And every voice will be heard. Here is what, we the voters, did:

  • @LucyMcBath is back to Congress handily beating an anti-reproductive freedom congresswoman, Karen Handel. Lucy is a powerhouse and proof that deep investments in Georgia pay off.
  • Holly Mitchell wins in a landslide in Los Angeles against an opponent heavily supported by police unions to give the powerful LA County Board of Supervisors an all-female makeup.
  • Taylor Small, tireless LGBTQ+ champion, made history in Vermont as the state's first openly trans member. There are now 7 trans state legislators across the country.
  • Jackie Lacey was voted out as Los Angeles District Attorney in one of the most watched DA races in the country. Lacey was seen as in the pocket of law enforcement and her opponent, George Gascón as a reformer. 


Remember, the presidential race often sucks up all the oxygen in the media but these local races are what really move the needle for progress. Congratulations to you all for your commitment to democracy. We will continue to fight. 
Here is what we are looking forward to working on in the year ahead:

We must continue to be loud and use our voice to reach the change we want to see. 


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