Organize a Snack Kit Packing Party for Women Experiencing Homelessness

The Downtown Women's Center (DWC) in downtown Los Angeles sits in the heart of skid row and is the only organization in Los Angeles focused exclusively on serving and empowering women experiencing homelessness and formerly homeless women. DWC is on the front lines protecting at-risk women who are experiencing homelessness in the epicenter of the homeless crisis in America. 

Last year, DWC's Dinner with a Cause, their annual gala, raised over $900,000 to help women move out of homelessness. WIth the COVID pandemic, a gala is not possible. 

This year, they are shifting gears and launching Together Housed, a three-week campaign to raise much needed funds. With your help, they can meet the increased demand for the critical services they provide daily such as meals, hygiene, and mental health services, while continuing to connect women with permanent housing and employment.


Follow These Steps to Host a Snack Kit Packing Party and Raise Money for Downtown Women's Center


By hosting a snack kit packing party, in-person or virtual, you will raise funds for DWC and provide critical items to their day center.  


Pick a date & time

Choose whatever date works best for you and your team. 


Choose the location

Are you able to do this safely in person with masks and social distancing? If not, make it a virtual event and everyone packs from their home, but still together. You can use zoom or google hangouts as a free option. 

- Note that if you are doing this virtually, you will ask everyone to get supplies themselves to make the kits.


Register your Event

Set up your snack kit packing party fundraiser on SameSide. See instruction on how to do that here. You can keep your event private or open it up to the wider community, make it free or collect a suggested donation. We recommend $10 per person. 


Make a Flier

We love Canva to easily make beautiful designs. Typical details on your flier include (hint: you can use this as your SameSide event image

- Name of your event
- Date + time
- Location information
- Names/logos of any sponsors supporting your event

- Make sure to tag SameSide and we'll share your event on our platform too: @onsameside


Spread the Word

Start by sharing your event across your social media platforms and encouraging your friends and supporters to do the same. We suggest including the SameSide link to your registered event in your post, and in your bio, if on Instagram.


Set A Snack Kit Goal

Remember, you don't have to solve homelessness with this event. All you have to do is ease the burden of those organizations on the frontlines. Set a goal for how many kits per participant you want to hit. We recommend 10 per person but it is all up to you. You will have to factor this in when supplies are being purchased too. 


Getting Supplies

In the time of coronavirus, it may not be possible to meet in person at one place. This means that participants will need to purchase or collect their own supplies to make the kits. Send out this supply sheet with plenty of time for participants to order or buy supplies. 



Your Event!

Gather at the designated time either virtually or in person. 

Music - Set the tone and play some music as everyone arrives even if you're on a virtual event. Music set a positive tone for the event to come .

Welcome - We always find it powerful to welcome everyone and share your purpose for hosting the event. It gives a deeper connection to why the guests are all gathered together.





Get Started: Host a Snack Kit Packing Party for Your Network

It's super simple to create a packing party event with SameSide and takes just two minutes. Here's how it works:

  1. Create an account with SameSide
  2. Once logged in, go to your account menu and choose "Create an Event"
  3. Follow the prompts in the event creation
  4. Be sure to choose "Every Woman Housed by Downtown Women's Center" in the campaign section
  5. Finish the prompts and if all looks good, hit "Publish"
  6. Start sending out the event using the links and share buttons
Get Started


Snack Pack Instructions

Use these instructions to make your snack kits and share with your guests. Making these kits is the perfect way to support women experiencing homelessness from afar!  


See our other FAQs for more information on working with SameSide.

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