Organize a Ballot Party with Courage California's Progressive Voter Guide

In the age of misinformation, you need a voice you can trust to help you make informed decisions about the races and propositions on your ballot. Courage California has created the first ever (!!) progressive voter guide for Californians to vote their values. Bring your community together over coffee, zoom or a socially distanced backyard gathering. What's most important is that we all recognize the power of our vote. 

Courage California needs everyone to bring as many people together as possible to ensure they have the confidence and information needed to vote up and down the ballot. Organize a voter guide party to bring your community, family or friends together and share the Courage California Voter Guide!


Why SameSide?

We Text the Voter Guide Directly to Everyone's Phone!


When you organize a Courage California Voter Guide party with SameSide, every guest receives the Courage California toolkit directly to their phone via text



Here's How To Get Started

1. Create a SameSide account

2. Log in to your account and choose "Create an Event" to get started

3. Simply follow the prompts in each tab


  • Event name: Name your event
  • Select a Campaign: Choose "Courage California Progressive Voter Guide" as your campaign. This will link your event to Courage California and make sure everyone of your guests receives the Courage California Voter Guide resources
  • Virtual Event: Leave this box checked if your event will be virtual. You'll enter the virtual meeting link later in the event creation. If the event is in-person, uncheck this box.
  • Host Location: Enter the location of your event here. If your event is virtual, enter your city so the platform knows your timezone.
  • Date/Time: Enter the start and end time of your event.
  • Private Event: Check this box if your event will be private. If this box is checked, it will not be listed on the Courage California campaign page or anywhere else on SameSide. You'll  send the event link to your network for them to book.



  • Enter the description of the event here. Be sure to mention the Courage California Voter Guide. 



  • Create your tickets for the event. You set the price or make them free. It's up to you.
  • You can change the name from "General Admission" to anything you'd like. Examples include "RSVP" or "VIP" or "Supporter".
  • You can make as many different ticket types as you like. Frequently, organizers will create a free ticket and a donation ticket to give options.
  • Enable Donations: By checking this box, you will enable a field for users to add on their own donations. 100% of this funding goes to the organizations.


  • Click on "Add Event Image" and choose a file from your computer. 
  • Crop as you like
  • Make sure it is a vertical oriented image



The guest resources tab is where you enter any links to be sent to your guests in their confirmation email. Examples are a virtual meeting link, a link to an article or a link to purchase something. 

  • Link Title:  Enter the name of your link here like "Zoom Meeting Link" or "Buy the book here"
  • Paste your link url here: Enter the link you want to share
  • Make sure you click "Save and Add Another Link"


See what your event listing will look like. If you want to make edits, hit "edit event" or, if it's ready to go, hit "publish"

That's it! 

When your event is published, a "Your Event is Live" screen will pop up to help you promote your event. Copy the links or post directly to social media!



Get Started

See the event creation in action with this video. 



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the funds I raised through my event?

Hosts who create events on SameSide with a monetary value get paid out within 48 hours of their event. We use Zelle to process payments and just need your email address. It's that simple. 

How is Courage California involved in the event?

Every time an event is created for Courage California's campaign, their team is notified. A Courage California toolkit is sent to all guests for any event created for the campaign at the start of your event. 


Get Started

If you still have questions, shoot us an email: