Norma Kamali: Designer, Wellness Guru, and Woman's Advocate

Norma discusses her new book "I AM INVINCIBLE" and what she's learned in her 50+ years

Who is Norma Kamali?

Norma Kamali is an exceptional woman. She has been a force in the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty industries for 50 years. She’s proven again and again that she is relentless in her design aesthetic as well as her ability to strategically pivot her business when needed. Early on in the transition of physical retail to e-commerce Norma was on the forefront and started her website ahead of most other brands. She diversified her offerings as well and expanded her line to be inclusive of not only clothing but also beauty and wellness. Her variation of the brand has led to multiple streams of revenue and elevating her status as an authority on wellness, aging, and business. 


This year, Norma wrote her first book, “I AM INVINCIBLE”  that touches on her advice for women of all ages. It’s informed by 50 years of her life’s adventures, wins and failures. She’s had a wealth of experiences that allowed her to find the courage to continually evolve and chase after her dreams long after most people retire.

At 75, Norma Kamali is often mistaken for nearly half her age. According to her new book the key is aging with power: embracing a healthy lifestyle and looking forward to every milestone as a chance to start anew, that reaching one’s pinnacle does not have an expiration date. 

Sustainable Before It Was A Thing

Norma Kamali's designs are classic and are meant to be worn over and over again, an attribute that is lost in today's fast fashion ecosystem. Constant production of clothing by brands like H&M, Zara, Fashionnova, where the business model is built on consumers purchasing a high volume of low cost & low quality items, make the fashion industry one of the biggest polluters on the planet.

However, Norma has been making items that were designed and produced to last, eliminating excessive purchasing and waste in fashion, something that is now a trend (thankfully) with more brands. It's part of her larger philosophy of dressing women throughout their entire lives, not just at one phase or at one age. Each piece of the Norma Kamali line is machine washable, stretchy, wrinkle free and easy to travel with. I'm particularly a fan of the Sleeping Bag Coat. It's so easy to pack and carry when traveling. I regularly fly from Los Angeles to New York for work and family visits and traveling with a huge, heavy coat to protect me from those cold winters is no fun - thank goodness I found this one a few years ago. I will probably never buy another warm jacket again, which is exactly the point of her whole design ethos: timelessness. This coat has been in her line since the early stages of its development and it's still a regular offering season after season.

Similarly, Norma believes that along with the Sleeping Bag Coat, the All in One Dress, and the Go Bag 3 Piece Set are MUSTS in every woman's wardrobe. The multi-use of these items makes them no brainers and an element of sustainability to her line. She encourages women to get the most wear out of each garment, trends and fads be damned! See these items below. 

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