Meet Natalia Foroutan: She's Someone You Should Know

Couch Series interviews by The Sustainable Stylish Life highlight people who embody the values of #SSL


Today we are highlighting LA native, Natalia Foroutan, stylist to the mega-talented Eve at The Talk on CBS. Natalia is a rare find; she was born  and raised in Los Angeles. Post college she easily applied her style and outfitting skills to the television industry, a natural fit for this creative woman. She has been with The Talk since it began and has been nominated for five (!!!!!) Emmys in the category of styling, winning her first in 2018, all in the process. 

Not only is she an accomplished costume designer and stylist, she’s also an amazing human who puts her money where her mouth is. She’s a regular host on SameSide  bringing awareness and action for family separation at the border, DACA, gun control, women's homelessness and more. Ariel Kockbarski, Style Editor at Sustainable Stylish Life sat down with Natalia in the first of our #couchseries interviews to learn more about her and what’s on her plate semi-post pandemic.  Watch the full episode or see the hot clips below. 


The fabulous Natalia Foroutan. 

Natalia with Eve as RuPaul for The Talk's Halloween/Rocktober show and team. 

Natalia with Sara Gilbert, original Host and founder of The Talk

Natalia and the Costume Designer of The Talk, Cara Giannini and The Talk Christmas Special Dancers. 

We caught up with Natalia in her gorgeous Fairfax district home in Los Angeles surrounded by natural wood, mid century vintage furniture, plants and natural light. Watch the full episode here. 


Life at The Talk in the Time of COVID

Natalia has been at The Talk since day one: 10 years, 10 seasons! They are now on their 11th season of filming, despite the COVID-19 crisis. The Cher episode she references is here. Fun fact: Natalia is a huge Cher fan, she also looks like her just a bit. 


How to Make Sustainable Fashion Choices for Maximum Impact 

Making small changes to how you purchase can make a huge impact. We talked about Filthmart for vintage tees, Poshmark, The Real Real, and ThredUp for resale and vintage items. I always check them first if I want something new. It’s better for the environment and more affordable. 


All the Feels from Hosting Events with SameSide

People want to do good and SameSide makes that easy by converting feelings into real action. It feels good to do good too!

Natalia has hosted several events through SameSide from a Boozy Brunch for DACA to an International Women's Day wine tasting for women experiencing homelessness. Bringing her community together to do good is in her blood. 

Hosting a boozy brunch for DACA

Guests at a screening of RBG for Planned Parenthood hosted by Natalia.

Hosting a wine tasting for women experiencing homelessness. 


Making a Happy Home to Survive COVID


What makes your home a happy place for you is unique. Some of the things both Natalia and I like to incorporate are plants, natural wood, and natural light. You can find lots of vintage and slightly used gems on OfferUp, LetGo, and Craigslist.

Self-Care Tips to Make it Through 2020


We bonded early on in our friendship over meditation and taking time out for ourselves. Our favorite applications for this are the Deepak Chopra Meditation Guides as well as Insight Timer. They have both paid and free content, making it easy to get at least five minutes of meditation into your day. 


Learn how you can host your own gathering for good with SameSide.

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