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Embodiment for Women Course

Tuesday February, 23 2021

05:00PM - 05:00PM EST

Virtual Event

Before launching AwakenAwe, I was a private yoga teacher and transformational coach.

I worked with high-end clients in NYC who hired me to heal their body through asana, focus their mind through meditation and get support on living their most precious dreams.


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Before launching AwakenAwe, I was a private yoga teacher and transformational coach.

I worked with high-end clients in NYC who hired me to heal their body through asana, focus their mind through meditation and get support on living their most precious dreams.

I worked with a lot of incredible women who knew how to give to others, but didn’t know how to give to themselves. I began to see how these somatic practices supported them in finding more self-care, ease, creativity, flow and fulfilling connections in their lives.

Eventually, I wanted to support more women and make a bigger impact.

I realize their’s ONLY so much I can do offering free content and 1-1 sessions.

So, I decided to create this course

To shift your life, you need guidance, support and a solid container.

Because if “information” was all you needed, you’d already be living your healthiest, most satisfying life. 

We grow through our experiences.

We grow through embodying our intentions.

We grow through shifts in our awareness.

We grow through community.

The truth is we all need reflection and support in our lives to realize a higher version of ourselves.


master your mindset, so that your mind is your most powerful ally

release the past, and keeping your heart open to the future

help you get clarity on your dreams and take the steps towards your highest vision

take action towards your goals from alignment and authenticity

use Yoga, movement & breathwork to release dense energy and stuck emotions

see yourself more clearly through reflection

create clear, healthy boundaries and fulfilling relationships

deepen your creativity, intuition, ease and flow

deepen your well of self-nourishment and fulfillment

This immersive program utilizes a process for opening your heart, balancing your mind, releasing the past and stepping into a life of joy and purpose.

embody your wisdom

be authentic

have sovereignty

create sisterhood

find clarity

feel powerful

show up with integrity

upgrade your stories and beliefs



This course is for you if …

you are looking for inspiration

you are looking to upgrade your energy on a cellular level

you are looking for support in your daily contemplation practices

you want to feel better in your body and more focused in your mind

you desire to feel connected to like-minded feminine leaders

you are seeking clarity and support on the next steps in your life

you are committed to living with more integrity

you are looking to make massive leaps for your highest good

you believe in the power of intention and ritual

you identify as a woman

Topics & Practices in this Course

Guided meditations + visualizations

Pranayama, Breathwork + Neuroscience

Yoga, Meditation & Intuitive Movement

Five Elements + Seasonal rituals

Chakra System

Yoga Nidra

Diet as a Spiritual Practice

Values + Living with Integrity

Mindset + Goal Setting

Energy + Magnetism + Quantum Physics

Relationships + Attachment

Sisterhood + Support Systems

Non-Violent Communication + Authentic Relating

Journaling practices

Intention of this Course

This course is centered around yoga and mindfulness, cultivating gratitude and self love while also remaining radically honest in your self reflection. We will develop ways we can embody more power and radiance while letting go of self-sabotaging ways of being. We hold space for all of our emotions to be felt. Being seen and heard by others can be uncomfortable, but it brings immense opportunity for transformation

If you've landed here, you probably have already done therapy or coaching, maybe you know a little about meditation, yoga, personal development or nutrition. Maybe you already understand that hustling for the sake of hustle doesn't work, following what others are doing doesn't work, beating yourself up for mistakes doesn't work, seeking happiness with material things doesn't work. Maybe you have already made massive changes and started to up-level your life, live with intention, balance, and wellbeing. 

But, maybe you struggle...

You are generally feeling good, but you still know there's something more over the horizon. You understand the huge value that deep, consistent feminine support offers. You know that massive shifts can occur with a group of women supporting each other. You are seeking a supportive community to ensure that you don't fall into unhealthy cycles, but rather continue to thrive on your unique journey.

If you're saying YES to up-leveling clarity, self-love, sovereignty, abundance and ease, this course is for you. 

Together, we will uncover what excites you in life, and how to incorporate that intentionally. We will design boundaries and a container for the chaos of our lives and tools for triggers that come up.

I’ve been a yoga teacher and coach for the last six years and studied these tools for almost two decades. I have been a mentor and mentee of many coaches, spiritual teachers, healers and therapists. As I moved through my path of deeper inquiry and healing, I studied yoga, psychology, meditation, 5-rhythms dance, somatics, herbalism, coaching, personal development and nutrition, and it took years of removing my blocks and healing core wounds, and stumbling many times, before I found my flow. If you're at a crossroads in your life, feel stuck or are simply looking for guidance around a wholesome, balanced lifestyle, I am here to support you. 


6 weekly live group calls with practices and discussion

2 live yoga sessions

1 private 1-1 coaching session with me

6 recorded all-level yoga practices

6 recorded meditations / visualizations / practices

6 weekly email lessons and journaling prompts




Course begins Feb 23rd, 2021 and ends April 6th, 2021

All Live sessions are Tuesday evening at 4PM PST / 7PM EST for 1 hour

All Sessions will be recorded and uploaded for you.


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Here's how we're taking action


Loveland Foundation raises funds for therapy for their Black women and girls program, which includes providing 4-8 free therapy sessions. Become an advocate and help fundraise!


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Support Mental Health Care for Black Women and Girls

With therapy sessions in the U.S. typically costing anywhere from $60 - $250-- even with insurance, the prevalent and ingrained stigma surrounding mental health in many communities, and the fact that the vast majority of therapists in this country are white, it is often difficult for Black women and girls to access therapy when they need it. Loveland Foundation is changing that. 

All events for this campaign support the Loveland Foundation's Therapy Fund. With the barriers affecting access to treatment by members of diverse ethnic and racial groups. Loveland Therapy Fund provides financial assistance to Black women and girls nationally seeking therapy.

Meet your Host


Diana Paschal

Diana Paschal

I am a 500 E-RYT trauma-informed yoga teacher and integrative coach who guides others to self-inquiry,… See more

I am a 500 E-RYT trauma-informed yoga teacher and integrative coach who guides others to self-inquiry, clarity, compassion and wellbeing. I have taught at top studios in NYC and LA, led international retreats, trainings and my AwakenAwe workshops. With two decades studying somatic and holistic therapies including Yoga, Body-Mind Centering, Meditation, Alexander Technique, Psychology, 5Rhythms, Eldoa, Neuroscience, Indigenous medicine, Herbalism and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, I use an integrative approach to transformation. I support clients to tap into their power, guidance, creativity, clarity and flow. My work in Yoga Therapy facilitates awareness, functional mobility, longevity and release through the body. My experience teaching yoga and meditation to children, adults, treatment centers, corporations and mothers has shown me the Universal and infinite benefits to this medicine. I’m so grateful to continue to teach, learn, integrate and share this wisdom with others. See Less

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The Loveland Foundation

Therapy Fund for Black Women & Girls

The Loveland Foundation

Mental Health
Therapy Fund for Black Women & Girls


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