Meet Safia Pulliam: Founder of Find Your Lite Wellness

SameSide host Safia Pulliam is a 500-hour holistic health and wellness guide trained by Koya Webb & the Den Meditation Center in Los Angeles.

Safia retired from her nail and makeup artist profession to forge a new path of sharing the wisdom and teachings of yoga and meditation with those seeking healing, transformation, and a fresh outlook on life through Find Your Lite Wellness

Safia hosted a super-successful session for our Yoga for Georgia campaign and is back to support our new year focus of self-care, self-love and growth with weekly meditation sessions in support of To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profit that aims to present hope for people struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury and thoughts of suicide, while also investing in treatment and recovery.

We sat down with her to understand more about meditation, its power and The Practice, a weekly meditation and wellness session throughout the month of January. 

SameSide: Hi Safia! 2020 was a CRAZY year to say the least. Tell us where your headspace is at and why you created The Practice

Safia: 2020 was all the things plus some and I’m happy it’s finally over. Life these days has gotten a whole lot different in many ways for all of us so adapting to our new normal has brought its challenges and pivots. I just want everyone to know you’re not alone in any of this, I’m right here with you adapting, changing, and growing too.

Why are you such a strong advocate for meditation?

I know all too well the difficulty of having to adapt and change and not quite sure of where it will all lead. However that’s the thrill and beauty of life. A few years ago I went through a difficult situation that led me to desire change in my life in a drastic way. I had been a victim of life’s circumstances for way too long and wanted to get my life back to my being truly my own.

A client of mine mentioned to me that she had started meditating and that it was helping her to bring about positive and incredible changes and manifestations in her life. I was intrigued. A few years ago I went through a painful experience with a family member and decided I need to go about things in a new way; I decided to meditate. 

The experience changed me from the inside out and for the last 4 years I have made meditation as well as other wellness practices an essential part of life. 


Why did you want to create The Practice for 2021?

To start off 2021 I was thinking I wanted to offer something to help us all start our year off in a  healthy frame of mind and Spirit dropped in my heart  “The Practice”. It’s a 4 week virtual series of 4 different wellness practices to help you in spirit, mind and body. Myself along with 3 other ladies with beautiful energetic souls will help guide you on your path of wellness and self care.

Sounds beautiful and SO needed right now! What does the Practice aim to accomplish?

I wanted to help people make some lasting changes in their life, or help them become more consistent in their current practice and you just want to try other modalities of healing then The Practice was for them. 

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