Meet Climate Designers Los Angeles

These hosts are bringing together designers and creative professionals committed to using design skills for climate action

Rachel Cellinese, Margie Peng and Margaret To are the co-leads of Climate Designers' Los Angeles chapter, a hub for designers and creative professionals from all industries, committed to using creative skills for climate action. 

The organizers are using SameSide to host their December monthly meet-up. We caught up with them to learn more about Climate Designers, the organization's mission and how you can join them. 


SameSide: Explain to us a little bit about Climate Designers

Climate Designers LA:  Climate Designers' mission is twofold. First, we provide resources, knowledge, and community for designers to take climate action in the work they do. Designers can be graphic designers, industrial designers, fashion designers, software designers, illustrators, behavior designers, UX/UI designers, filmmakers, interior designers, interaction designers, motion designers, architects, visual designers — any kind of designer pushing for climate action in their work.

Second, we inspire, motivate, and graduate climate designers by providing climate-focused resources for design educators. As the Climate Designers’ LA Chapter, we also focus on curating local opportunities and events in the greater Los Angeles region.

SS: For those new to your meet-ups, what happens during the gatherings?

CDLA: A few things will happen. We meet and connect with local designers interested in climate action. Hear from guest speakers like local climate experts, climate entrepreneurs, environmental policymakers, activists, and artists. We also do interactive activities and discussions in breakout sessions.

In our December meet-up, we will be learning about 2 local LA sustainability projects:

  1. LA Sustainability Almanac 2021 | by she grows cities x Climate Designers
  2. Blue Sky LA Project with Breathe SoCal | by Climate Cents 

You'll have a chance to go into breakout rooms, discuss ideas and connect! 


SS: Why do you care about climate change?

CDLA: Everyone has their own reasons for caring about the planet we call home, or their own stories of how climate change has impacted their lives. So many people care deeply about climate change, but feel powerless to do something about it. In these meetups and conversations, we aim to share inspiration and tangible ways that design can help and do the most good. 

SS: What changes do you hope to see in the near future that impact climate change?

CDLA: To achieve a sustainable world, we will need to change everything from how we eat to how we travel to how we live, and we will need to do it fast. Many people, from activists to scientists to startup founders, are working to make these changes happen. Designers can help maximize the impact of the efforts by bringing a human-centered approach to evidence-based solutions. Designers also have the ability to use creativity to solve problems, visualize complex ideas, and design interactions that encourage others to take action. 

Right now, most designers are using these skills on behalf of environmentally damaging companies, organizations, and systems. Imagine what we could accomplish by becoming advocates for sustainable practices within our workplaces, lending our time to organizations creating a more just and sustainable world, or even switching jobs to dedicate all our professional energy to building the future we want to inhabit.


SS: What are you proud of accomplishing so far for Climate Change

CDLA: A few things! Growing the Climate Designers community - we just reached 1000+ members globally! Collectively taking action to fight for climate crisis and environmental justice. Learning with other creatives who are taking climate action in different disciplines and meeting people in the community that share the same values and interests in taking action.


SS: Hear hear! We applaud your work and how you have taken what you do every day and turned it into an opportunity for change. At SameSide we believe that activism for the issues you care can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle and we're here to help.

If you're interestd in joining this creative group committed to making an impact on climate change, join this meet-up of amazing creatives on Wednesday, December 9th at 6:30pm PST. You'll receive the SameSide Climate Change Toolkit with information and more ways to take action.  


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