Ingrid & Isabel: More Than a Maternity Line

Sustainability, Empowerment, Fair Wages, and Giving Back Are Regular Parts of This Company's Culture

There is a huge gap in the maternity market for on-trend, affordable and wearable clothing. I know this because most of my friends have begun procreating with gusto and as most of my friends are fairly stylish (I mean, we’re in the biz) the complaints are a resounding “no way in heck I’m going to wear that!” 

Insert Ingrid & Isabel, a female founded and women run brand. Ingrid Carney started the line when she was pregnant in 2001. As the story goes, she was running late to a meeting when her pants inconveniently burst! She cut up a tube top and the groundbreaking Bellaband® was born. Fast forward to present day, Ingrid & Isabel is a full line of maternity wear that not only encompasses items of pregnancy wear but also items that have life in the postpartum phase. They also carry curated products from other top-rated maternity brands that span from clothing to wellness essentials. Most importantly, the line is built to last. I’m kind of obsessed with their “Mama” jacket. I’m not sure if it’s feasible for me to wear it as only a “dog-mom” but the thought has crossed my mind! 

I was attracted to do a profile on Ingrid & Isabel because the company and brand embody what we at the Sustainable Stylish Life stand for: sustainability, fair wages, fitting on real pregnant women, and giving back. In 2020 alone, they donated over half a million dollars worth of maternity wear to charity partners.

Sustainability is one of the brand’s core principles that guide their product development process. The brand has a helpful program for new moms to live the most sustainable pregnancy, dubbed C.C.E.P which stands for Canvas, Collect, Enhance (then Pass on). This useful guide walks a new mom through the process of how to shop for maternity wear, what’s essential and what’s not so that you never have to throw anything away or let unused items pile up.

The company designs each item with as much versatility as possible to ensure that the item can be worn across a multitude of occasions. Multi-use of a garment is a huge factor in NOT buying another item when you have the ability to reuse it - or pass it on. The Everywear Collection embodies just that. Here are some of my favorite everywhere items.

Local Production - Proudly Made in LA

We’re highlighting their newly launched Proudly Made in LA collection, which consists of eight great items and launches on site April 23rd. Ingrid & Isabel’s commitment to creating a segment of their line in Los Angeles is a big step in expanding environment-friendly practices across the company. Local production cuts down on carbon emissions from air and land transportation, supports living wages at Los Angeles garment factories and commits to a quality of labor practices in the garment industry. Check out Ingrid & Isabel's sustainable items here and my three picks below.

Sustainability Goals

Prior to the Made in LA collection launch, the brand was already incorporating more environmentally friendly practices into their collections. By 2021, 79% of their new assortment will be Oeko Tex certified and 43% will be made from recycled or traceable materials. That is a major commitment and I’m impressed by this ambitious goal! They have WRAP-certified factories, ensuring humane and ethical conditions during production globally. The current denim assortment is all made with Repreve, a material made from recycled water bottles, with the exception of their denim jackets. They also have some great tees in Tencel, one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics that is both regenerated and biodegradable. My highlights are below. 

Supporting Mamas Everywhere

Ingrid, the brand’s founder, has been strongly committed to holistic support of all mothers since the beginning of her brand. It is one of her core principles for the brand. The company supports a number of non-profits that help mothers in underserved communities. They donate time, money, and clothing to a number of organizations such as: Homeless Prenatal Program, Every Mother Counts, PJ’s with a Smile, and Black Mamas Matter Alliance.

Want more ways to be a sustainable mama? Download the Ingrid & Isabel toolkit for actions you can do to support people and the planet through your fashion choices, especially as a mother.

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