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At SameSide, we believe the power of change happens through people like you creating awesome opportunities that bring people together to take action for the issues they care about. You're putting in hard work to make change happen so why shouldn't you be paid to drive progress in your community? As a host, you'll be able to design an experience unique to you and set your own price. Ready to make change? Let's get started!

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Who Are Sameside Hosts?

It's you! You've read this far, which means you are interested in leading change. If you have a craft to share and a passion for making a difference, becoming a host can provide a fulfilling outlet for both. So let's chat. Drop us a line and we'll be in touch to talk possibilities. In the meantime, check out some of our rockstar hosts below who started just like you.

Natalia Foroutan, Los Angeles

I’m Natalia Foroutan, a native Angeleno, art lover and stylist for the CBS talk show The Talk. I love checking out neighborhoods in my hometown and all that they have to experience. As a first-generation American, to immigrant parents from Iran, I know how important immigrants are to our growing community and the American culture. It is imperative to me we protect and advocate for the rights of Dreamers and all immigrants in our beloved country. WELCOMING AND PROTECTING IMMIGRANTS MAKES AMERICA GREAT Let’s keep it that way.

Corey Burns, Los Angeles

I'm Corey, an ex-chemist that escaped the lab in pursuit of fresh air and sunshine as a photographer. Being able to connect with so many people through taking their picture and hearing their stories has been my life’s pleasure, striving daily to share this gift with others as abundantly as one can in a life. Hundreds of edited hours in educational material, events, documentation, archival material, research, thousands of shared images. I've worked with some notable names such as The History Channel, H2, E!, Dreamworks and Discovery and provided creative to some of LA’s best organizations working to make this a more beautiful and inclusive city for all. Gardening is my passion and I work with some of the best hidden urban gardens to bring fresh food to more people. coreysburns.com

Reem Edan, Los Angeles

Hi! I’m Reem: a comedian, writer, actor and Sagittarius, who employs comedic storytelling to shatter stereotypes and engage audiences. I’m excited to meet you!

Debbie Scheer

I felt wonderful after my Experience - like my voice and my action, regardless of what it is, matters.

Denver Host
Natalia Foroutan

I hosted a SameSide experience because I wanted to bring people together and make activism more accessible.

Los Angeles Host
Eric Rooney

During my Experience, I felt more like a leader. Being able to teach and make change is empowering.

Denver Host

Make Change. Get Change.

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At SameSide, we believe you deserve to be paid for the hard work you are putting in to drive progress in your community. As a host, you'll be able to design an experience unique to your craft, set your own price and make your own hours. Politicians get paid - why shouldn't you?