Host Spotlight: Cervecería Colorado

A brewery used their platform to support immigrants in their community

When Charlie Berger opened Cervecería Colorado, he knew the brewery could do a lot more with its space than just serve amazing beers. He and his co-founder wanted Cervecería Colorado to be a place for community and do more to support the values they cared about. 


So when Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) partnered with SameSide for a Denver for DACA campaign to advocate for the DREAM Act, a bill in the U.S. Congress that would give young, undocumented immigrants legal status in the U.S., Berger immediately jumped on board to make Cervecería Colorado a hub for Denver for DACA gatherings. The location hosted hundreds of participants who not only raised funds for CIRC but also sent emails, made calls and posted to social media in support of the DREAM Act. 

Super Bowl champion Ryan Harris, of the Denver Broncos soon jumped on board as well to host an event. Harris recognizied the power of his platform to raise awareness about an issue he was passionate about and SameSide was the perfect platform to make it a reality. Through SameSide, guests to his event were texted a link where they could immediately send emails, make a phone call and tweet at their representatives in support of the DREAM Act. They not just raised awareness, they did something about the issue too. 

This is one influencer, brand and non-profit partnership we love becuase everybody wins!


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