Make a difference while sharing the things you love.

What’s a Sameside Event?

At Sameside, you can fuse any gathering with advocacy. Check out that new restaurant with friends, teach a class on something you know, or host a regular hiking group while supporting something you care about. Organizations post campaigns with suggested action, and supporters like you help by hosting events.

Just choose a cause that resonates with you, and we’ll handle all your ticketing, rsvps and send your guests an action tool-kit during the event with information, quick facts and ways to take action for the cause.

Get together with your Community

Host a wine tasting, bike maintenance day, or beach cleanup while getting together with people who care about the same things you do.

Create something public or invite-only

Celebrate a birthday, meet up before a concert, or explore a new brunch spot. You can create public events, or invite-only with just your friends.

Mobile advocacy tools in the hands of your guests

As your event begins, we’ll text your guest list a link to a toolkit with information, quick facts and simple ways to take action for the cause right there on their phone.

Use your voice for an issue you care about

Your yoga studio, community garden, or local restaurant can bring people together for causes that matter most to you.

How to get Started

Pick a Cause

Choose a cause to support from our list of campaigns curated by organizations and advocacy groups.

Create your Event

Let guests know what you’ll be doing and what cause you’re supporting. Events can be free, or you can include activity costs into a ticket price.

Get the Word Out

Easily share a link with your network and on social media. For private events, your page will only be available to the people you share it with.