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15 Items that are $100 or less AND come from retailers who have committed to the 15 Percent Pledge

I love the giving season but sometimes it can be overwhelming for friends and family members to get you things you want, let alone items that also contribute to fashion's collective effort to make more sustainable and more inclusive items. Here at The Sustainable Stylish Life, we wanted to highlight 15 items that support feeling good and doing good. They are coming from retailers that have pledged in 2020 to support Black-owned businesses on their shelves by giving them exactly that, 15% representation in their assortments. 

The Founder and Creative Director of Brother Vellies, another brand we have featured on the blog, Aurora James, started the 15 Percent Pledge early in the 2020 pandemic. It was her response to the civil unrest that followed the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. The goal of the pledge is for major retailers to support Black-owned businesses and suppliers online and in their stores, to give the talents of underrepresented communities a fair shake. In her own words, “I started Brother Vellies at a flea market and fought my way into every scenario, tooth and nail. I’m always going to fight for my company—and for people that haven’t had the same opportunities”. (source: Vogue)

Companies who have taken the pledge since Ms. James started the fund include but are not limited to: Sephora, MedMen, Rent The Runway, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, InStyle, Blue Mercury, Vogue, Yelp, West Elm, Madewell, and !ndigo.

Take a look at the items below from these major retailers - they are a mix of women's, men's, accessories, beauty, and home. They are all sure to be better than that Ugly Christmas Sweater your Aunt Gertrude gifted you for the third year in a row. (No offense to any Aunt Gertrudes out there!)

You can join the 15 Percent Pledge by signing their petition and help put billions back in the Black community. Sign here.

Sephora has a robust "Clean Beauty" selection and I love Herbivore's products. This coconut and rose body scrub combines two of my favorite skin ingredients and smells divine. Herbivore CocoRose Body Polish, 8 oz/ 237 mL $36.00 here

Kosas 10- Second Liquid Eyeshadow is super easy to put on and comes in a variety of colors. I am more of an eyeshadow girl than liner as it's more subtle. 0.2 oz/ 6 mL $28.00 at Sephora here


The Ordinary is RIDICULOUSLY reasonably priced and effective! I add Hyaluronic Acid underneath my night cream when I need a little more skin food. $6.80 (on sale!) at Sephora here


We all need to do our part to get plastics out of the ocean and the environment. Consider a water filter pitcher to fill up your own glasses at home and water bottles for on the go. I like this Soma one from West Elm. It comes with a 2 pack of filters for $60 here

I seem to always need more throw pillows. Is that a woman thing?! This Muted Shapes Pillow Cover can be used on an old pillow you have that needs a new look. Made from sustainably sourced cotton at 12"width x 21"length. Made by West Elm who is a member of the Better Cotton Initiative too. (on sale!) TBD size for price of $24.99 – $71.20 + Extra 50% off clearance items with code SAVE50. Buy here

S'well makes great reusable water bottles and now food containers. I love the marble pattern of this one. It also keeps food warm or cold for hours, depending what you're in need of The Eats Small Calacatta Gold Marble-Print Food Container, 16 oz. can be bought from Bloomingdale's for $50.00 here


I have three different versions of this type of "Boiler" jumpsuit and the fall rust tone of this one is probably going to end up in my closest. Madewell also incorporates sustainable fabrics and recycled items where they can. This jumpsuit is part of the Better Cotton Initiative. This Zip-Pocket Coverall Jumpsuit is (on sale!) from $148.00 now at $99.99 here


Sometimes you just need a print in your life, says the girl who wears black, white, or plain grey tees on the regular! i like this one since it incorporates two of my favorite colors. Alternative Apparel's Ideal Star Print Tee at $36.00 from Bloomingdale's here

Someone recently told me that crop tops were a huge trend of 2020...well, I do like them for working out! This one from Adidas is classically designed and made from recycled cotton. $30.00 from Macy's here


Sperry Women's Saltwater Duck Booties are a fall/winter classic - I like the shorter version as they are a bit lighter for easier traveling and come in handy when I am back East from Cali. (On sale until 12/31!) for $99.95 at Macy's here

One for the guys - this color is bold and will look a lot better than that basic black or navy coat you need to replace. Plus it's from recycled fabrics. Men's Essential Recycled Puffer Jacket for $79.99 at Macy's here


Mar y sol Millie Mini Clutch has me dreaming of a getaway. Anything warm and NOT my apartment will do. The more tropical the better. (On sale!) for $86.25 at Bloomingdale's here



I like the sea green color of these Tarhong Recycle Green Premium Plastic 16 oz. Glasses! Plus plastic means I can't break them as easitly. Comes as a set of 6. (on sale until 1/10/21) for $28.99 at Macy's here

Whenever I do Gua Sha on my face and neck, I feel somehow calmer. I like this Odacité tool for its beautiful ocean blue hue. Crystal Contour Gua Sha Blue Sodalite Beauty Tool at Blue Mercury for $45 here


Tata Harper makes wonderful clean skincare. I have been using her Hydrafloral Hydrating Mask for years and it never breaks me out but always manages to hydrate my skin. For those unfamilar with which of her products will work for you, I recommend this Tata Harper Daily Essentials 6 Step Regimen that you can test out to find if the whole kit and kaboodle works for you. At Blue Mercury for $75 here


I'd love to hear from you about how you like my picks and if there are other items you have found that fit our criteria! I am always on the hunt for new items that support underserved communities in fashion and retail. Feel free to reach out to me at ariel@onsameside directly. 

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