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Guest Faqs

How does SameSide take action during their Experiences?

We take action in a variety of ways including calling or writing to our local representatives, phone banking, canvassing, sharing on social media and more!

What cities does SameSide hold experiences currently?

Currently, SameSide holds experiences in Los Angeles and Denver. We're expanding all the time so check back frequently or sign up for our newsletter to find out when we expand to YOUR city!

Do all SameSide Experiences cost money?

No - some of our experiences are donation based or free. Check the individual experience's informational page to find out more about the price of a select experience.

Are tickets to experiences refundable?

Unfortunately, our tickets are non-refundable.

Host Faqs

I have never done advocacy work for a social or political organization. How do I do something actionable for a cause I feel passionate about?

No problem! SameSide will provide to you a very-easy-to-use toolkit of 12 action items that you can integrate into your experience. The toolkit gives step-by-step instructions on how to setup each action item as well as examples of how they can be completed.

How does SameSide make money?

SameSide charges 20% of the total booking amount to hosts as commission for providing the services and platform that allow you to connect with guests to book your experiences. Listing an experience is free and we do not have any membership fees. For example: If an experience fee is $65 per guest and you book 10 guests, your payout would be $552.50 ($650 – 15%) after the successful completion of the experience with 10 guests.

Can I set the price or does SameSide set the price?

You have total discretion to set your price as you see fit. You will be required to list all items, amenities and/or services that are included with the price on your listing so guests fully understand what they are receiving with the experience. To set your price we suggest you think about all the costs associated with the experience, including the value of your time.

Can I edit or change my prices?

Yes. Once the experience has been posted, you have the ability to edit any of the information including price, pictures, dates, etc. Of course, if the experience is still under review by the SameSide team, you can contact us to update the information at any time.

How are advocacy organizations or political candidates chosen? Can I choose which campaign to support?

SameSide is a politically agnostic platform and marketplace. Our goal is to encourage all citizens to participate in civic engagement and will not turn away an organization or campaign for any reason other than if it is a hate organization or promotes discrimination of any kind.

What happens if a guest has to cancel? Do I still get paid?

We have developed a cancellation and refund policy so that it provides some flexibility for guests while still providing security for a host who has reserved their space for the guest. A guest may cancel their booking within 48 hours of the booking’s confirmation by the host without further obligation as long as that cancellation is also made more than 2 days in advance of the experience start time.

Do experiences launch automatically or is there a review process?

Currently, SameSide has a review process for all experiences prior to their posting to the platform. This is to ensure all experiences meet SameSide’s basic requirements and standards and provide to guests the best possible experience.

Is there a minimum amount of dates that I have to make my experience available?

SameSide promotes sustained engagement as a way to move the needle for campaigns. Therefore, we ask that guests commit to two dates per month for their experiences.We also recommend that the experiences themselves last no longer than four hours to ensure maximum interest throughout the experience.

How will I be notified of a booking?

You will receive an automated email notifying you when a guest has booked. You can also login to your SameSide account to view your bookings and guest details.

Will I be able to communicate to my guests prior to the experience?

Yes! And we encourage this. You will receive guests’ email addresses when they book and you will also be able to see their email address through your listings manager.

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