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Learn effective messaging and find opportunities for advocacy in support of housing for the unhoused

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Due to popularity, Supportive Housing Advocacy Training is back in July!

Abundant Housing LA is proud to be a part of Everyone In, a campaign powered by United Way focused on ending homelessness across Los Angeles County. Everyone In builds community support to encourage our elected leaders to find solutions that are permanent, not band-aids or quick fixes.The goal is simple: deliver on the promise that was made when 1.5 million voters who passed Measure H and Proposition HHH in 2016 and 2017 and ensure that each dollar is spent wisely and goes to the goal of providing services and creating supportive housing throughout Los Angeles.

Join Abundant Housing LA as we host this Supportive Housing Advocacy Training presented by Everyone In. We'll learn effective messaging and find opportunities for advocacy in support of housing for the unhoused.

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Text Advocacy to Reps

Using text keywords in phone-to-action is a simple and quick way to contact your reps about issues you're passionate about. Your host will guide you through three easy steps to contact your representatices via email.

Social Media Advocacy

Channel your channels for change instead of avocado toast. Posting on social media gives you the ability to direct messages and photos at specific reps through public and highly trafficked channels. These days, elected officials have staff members specifically designated to monitor incoming inquiries, which means they're always listening- especially if this content comes through en masse. Not only will reps be listening, but your social network will be watching as well.

MEET YOUR HOST, Abundant Housing LA

Abundant Housing LA is committed to education and advocacy on the affordability, livability, and sustainability benefits of more housing. We want lower rents and a more sustainable and prosperous region, where everyone has more choices of where to live and how to pursue their dreams. Density, when well planned, can enhance the social and economic life of the city. We do educational outreach for policies, plans, and individual projects that improve the lives of all. We welcome anyone who shares these goals to join us.

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Abundant Housing LA:

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