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For Marijuana Justice Act

1-30 People | 2 hours | Price: $25
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Associated Campaign

Legalize Marijuana Across America

The Experience

Sunday, March 25th, 2018 5-7pm

Marijuana is now legal in California, but still federally criminalized in this country. This needs to change! “Free The People / Free Your Mind” is an evening of education, advocacy, and self-care that you won’t want to miss, complete with a guided cannabis-enhanced meditation, delicious vegan nibbles, and a chance to make some amazing, new friends.

To start, we’ll spend some time discussing a proposed amendment to the Federal Controlled Substances Act and then take a few moments to write postcards or make calls to elected officials, encouraging them to support the bill. After that, I’ll guide everyone through a short meditation (cannabis enhancement provided by Loudpack is completely optional!) where we will set an intention around balance, gratitude, and freedom. The goal is to tune into our own “wholeness” (body, mind, spirit) of ourselves & that of each other, with or without the enhancement of cannabis, in a way that allows us to be more aware of the freedoms we do experience and hold space in solidarity for the freedoms still to be realized. As we feel into this space internally, it’s a lot easier to experience and share externally. The words spoken & actions taken at this gathering are in advocacy for freedom – specifically freedom from negative cannabis stigma for ourselves & for those in the criminal justice system. Let’s experience positive change together!

***NOTE: 21 and over. Please smoke and drive responsibly.

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Where we will meet

My house: 1206 West Gage Avenue, Los Angeles, Ca, 90044

What is included

Homemade delicious vegan food, guided meditation, Smoke (cannabis-enhanced provided by Loudpack is optional), postcards and call scripts to send to senators in support of the Marijuana Justice Act to end federal prohibition, and Socialize!

What to bring

An open mind, a drive to help others, and a desire to hang out with a group of like-minded souls. Come one, come all – but you must be at least 21 years old to participate as this experience involves marijuana.

What We'll Do

We will be communicating with government leaders in support of the decriminalizing of marijuana at the federal level. This decriminalization opens up the channel for hundreds of thousands of people to remove themselves from the criminal justice system and no longer have to deal with the uphill battle of "checking that box" on applications for jobs, school, financing, etc. Not only will the passing of this bill save taxpayers millions, but it will also give people a new sense of freedom. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be sent as a donation to the Drug Policy Alliance in their efforts to assist individuals previously charged or convicted for marijuana-related offenses to petition for their charges to be dropped, sentences reduced, and/or records expunged if their original offense is no longer considered a crime.

About The Host

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Jana Johnson

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High Friend! My name is Jana and I am the Founder & Creative Director of Royal Purple House –  a haven for holistic health & well-being. Royal Purple House is where I get to share & exchange experiences of feeling high, happy, and whole – through meditation+yoga, cannabis wellness, enjoyable plant-based nutrition, wellness/mindfulness retreats, general loving awareness, and whatever else chooses to emerge from this great fertile soil. Enjoying my relationship & freedom with Cannabis has broadened my idea of what freedom is and something I enjoy experiencing myself and seeing others experience as well. Connect with me on Instagram @namastejanaj @royalpurplehouse_ or contact me here! Namaste, Jana J

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