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Raise a glass and money for EMILY's List

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Join Bailiwik for the Democratic Debates!

If you're at all curious about what's going on with the Democratic party and how we'll see a change in the White House, come watch the Democrats duke it out in all their glory with friends. We'll have background info on all the candidates and give info on how to support them. We're raising money for EMILY's List, an organization helping elect pro-choice Democratic female candidates to office. We'll be screening the debates both nights at Blankspaces on Larchmont Blvd. Food will be provided by Bailiwik. Wine will be available with suggested donation and proceeds going to EMILY's List.

Debates start at 5pm PST.

Second Night's Lineup (in order of polling importance):

Joe Biden
Kamala Harris
Cory Booker
Julian Castro
Kristen Gillibrand
Michael Bennet
Tulsi Gabbard
Andrew Yang
Jay Inslee
Bill de Blasio

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Now here comes the fun part - let's cast our ballots and take a stand for what we've been fighting for. This is the ultimate time to hold your reps accountable - have they been representing YOU?

Social Media Advocacy

Channel your channels for change instead of avocado toast. Posting on social media gives you the ability to direct messages and photos at specific reps through public and highly trafficked channels. These days, elected officials have staff members specifically designated to monitor incoming inquiries, which means they're always listening- especially if this content comes through en masse. Not only will reps be listening, but your social network will be watching as well.


Bailiwik is the social network that brings people together who live/work within the same neighborhood or share a place in common. We believe in the power of connected communities where people know each other's names, support local businesses and genuinely care about the wellbeing of their neighbors. Our app is set to be released in August and we are looking for local leaders to try it out.



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Food and wine with suggested donation

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Don't be intimidated. Let's all talk about politics together!

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