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Los Angeles | Women's Rights

Let's dance it out and take action for equal pay!

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Aug. 11, 2019 | 01:00 PM-03:00 PM

3191 Casitas Ave. Los Angeles , CA 90039


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SameSide is teaming up with Dance Dance Party Party LA to bring you an activism and fun-filled dance party! Before and after the dance party, you'll have a chance to take action for equal pay for women in honor of Women's Equality Day. Let's get that money honey! A portion of the ticket price will be donated to the Downtown Women's Center. 

Unlike typical workout or dance classes, Dance Dance Party Party™ has no instructors, no fitness goals, and nothing to prove. There are only three rules in the room – no boys, no lights, and no judgment. That means no judgment of others, and no judgment of yourself.

It’s a simple format: One hour of booty-busting tunes, a dance studio with the lights turned low, and women willing to let go.

What could be better than that?


Doors open around 1:00 pm and dancing begins around 2:00pm.

The doors will be closed and locked once we start dancing so please plan enough time to get there and park. We know this is LA and things like driving and committing to anything in advance are hard. Consider this your warning.
Please plan to be with us until about 3:10 – we totally get it if you have places to be, but leaving early usually messes up the flow of things. 


taking action

Write Postcards to Reps

Slow and steady wins the race. Snail mail is still relevant when it comes to contacting elected officials. Signing post-cards give you the opportunity to share personal anecdotes about why you care about your cause. Plus, we'll take care of the nitty gritty and mail it on your behalf.

Social Media Advocacy

Channel your channels for change instead of avocado toast. Posting on social media gives you the ability to direct messages and photos at specific reps through public and highly trafficked channels. These days, elected officials have staff members specifically designated to monitor incoming inquiries, which means they're always listening- especially if this content comes through en masse. Not only will reps be listening, but your social network will be watching as well.

MEET YOUR HOST, Dance Dance Party Party LA

Unlike typical workout or dance classes, Dance Dance Party Party has no instructors, no fitness goals and nothing to prove. There are only three rules: No lights, no boys, no judgment. It's like you're dancing in your room, but there happens to be other people there. Our LA chapter meets every Sunday at DanceGarden LA in Atwater Village. For more information please visit our website: ddppla.com

Dance Dance Party Party LA:

Dance Dance Party Party LA:

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Experience Details

what is provided

An hour of straight-up dancing with no lights, no boys, and no judgment

who can come

Any and all ladies!

what to bring

Comfortable clothes and water

additional notes

Tickets sold at the door, cash or venmo.

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