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Los Angeles | $20 | Women's Rights

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Extra extra read all about it! Comedian and podcaster Tracie Walker is teaming up with SameSide to bring you a night of fun, laughs, and activism. Tracie will bring you an hour of truly authentic comedy followed by taking action for her passion, ending domestic violence and protecting survivors. SameSide will provide activism to support the Violence Against Women Act, which expired during the government shutdown. This act provides funding to numerous programs that support survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Tell Congress to renew this bill now. 


You'll be laughing and crying as Tracie takes you through her comedy journey. Don't miss this special event! 

Doors open at 7:30 and the show starts at 8 PM. There will be a short intermission where guests can buy raffle tickets to win an amazing prize! 

Cash bar will be provided.  

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7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
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  • March 31 2019

MEET YOUR HOST, Tracie Walker

In a world where people are hungry for truth an Authenticity comedian Tracie Walker delivers both with a knock out punchline. With vulnerability as her super power Tracie is Original and Refreshingly honest. It’s like laughing with close friend who feeds you truth with a side of honey. A survivor of Addiction, Domestic Violence and Homelessness, Tracie is a Mature Black Female with something to say. And it’s hilarious no gimmicks, no tricks, just funny real funny. You can catch Tracie performing throughout the country almost every night of the week, or tune into her podcast “Mature Black Female” coming Spring 2019 and purchase her hot new comedy album “Real Funny".

Tracie Walker:

How We Are Making a Difference

Write Postcards to Reps

Slow and steady wins the race. Snail mail is still relevant when it comes to contacting elected officials. Signing post-cards give you the opportunity to share personal anecdotes about why you care about your cause. Plus, we'll take care of the nitty gritty and mail it on your behalf.

Social Media Advocacy

Channel your channels for change instead of avocado toast. Posting on social media gives you the ability to direct messages and photos at specific reps through public and highly trafficked channels. These days, elected officials have staff members specifically designated to monitor incoming inquiries, which means they're always listening- especially if this content comes through en masse. Not only will reps be listening, but your social network will be watching as well.

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Comedy and activism

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Money for cash bar and raffle

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Skiptown Playhouse 655 N Heliotrope Dr.

Los Angeles , California 90004

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