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Denver | $0 | Women's Rights

A happy hour with Denver Founder's, Bar Helix, and VinoPass for Equal Pay for Equal Work.

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Denver Founders has a rich network of fearless female founders & we're celebrating them, and women across the globe on March 8th in style at bar helix, a sexy, modern bar + lounge concept from female founder, Kendra Anderson. We'll be joined by the drafters of the Equal Pay for Equal Work bill, who will share with us the facts about Colorado's Equal Pay For Equal Work Act (no, it's not about jacking up your employee salaries). Powered by SameSide, we'll take action for this crucial legislation together eliminate pay discrimination. We'll also have happy hour specials, bar helix's incredible bougie bites and some great prizes.

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5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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  • #BalanceforBetter: International Women's Day 2019


At SameSide, our mission is two-fold. One, we want to inspire people to host experiences that make the world a better place, and help our hosts earn money in the process. And two, we want to inspire people to attend those experiences – to turn off the TV for a night, get out of the house, and go be a part of something amazing. Our goal is to reach the millions of people who want to “get involved” and “do good” but aren’t sure where to begin, or feel like they just don’t have time. At SameSide, we believe that getting involved doesn’t necessarily mean “marching in a protest” or “attending a fundraiser.” There are lots of other ways to make a positive contribution. We want to show people hundreds of options they hadn’t considered before. Our core mission is to inspire people to “get up and do something.” Big, small, close to home, or across the country…just find something that excites you and do it.


How We Are Making a Difference

Text Advocacy to Reps

Using text keywords in phone-to-action is a simple and quick way to contact your reps about issues you're passionate about. Your host will guide you through three easy steps to contact your representatices via email.

Experience Details

What Is Provided

Happy hour specials, bites, and prizes.

What To Bring

A charged phone or tablet to participate in activism for Equal Pay for Equal Work.

Who Can Come

Must be 21+ to enjoy alcohol.

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3440 Larimer Street

Denver, CO 80205

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