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Every day, The Center opens its doors to individuals living on the streets and those who are precariously housed in our community. Four years ago, Marlon walked through our doorsfor the first time. He had spent years in and out of homelessness; wrestling with the stigmaof mental illness and substance use as a form of self-medication.

A seat at the table for Marlon meant connection to a case manager who actually listened, re-enrolling in health and mental healthcare services, and eventually, securing permanent housing in Hollywood.

Marlon has now been in his apartment for 3 1⁄2 years and continues to be an active member of our community at The Center. Today, rather than coming to the table as a guest, Marlon serves as a host and an ambassador within our community. He leads conversations and games during our daily coffee hour and borrows our grill to host cookouts at his housing complex. Marlon is expanding our community.

Tables are places where meals are served, decisions are made, and community is formed. A seat at the table ensures that everyone is able to thrive. Join us on October 24th to hear more of Marlon’s story and learn how to help us make sure that everyone has a place at the table.

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Write Postcards to Reps

Slow and steady wins the race. Snail mail is still relevant when it comes to contacting elected officials. Signing post-cards give you the opportunity to share personal anecdotes about why you care about your cause. Plus, we'll take care of the nitty gritty and mail it on your behalf.

Social Media Advocacy

Channel your channels for change instead of avocado toast. Posting on social media gives you the ability to direct messages and photos at specific reps through public and highly trafficked channels. These days, elected officials have staff members specifically designated to monitor incoming inquiries, which means they're always listening- especially if this content comes through en masse. Not only will reps be listening, but your social network will be watching as well.

MEET YOUR HOST, The Center in Hollywood

The vision for The Center is to end isolation and homelessness in Hollywood. We believe that life should be about thriving, not surviving. That’s why The Center is committed to providing avenues to connect, express and reflect for all in the community.

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The Center in Hollywood:

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