Create an Event for The Loveland Foundation

Use your platform to raise awareness about the critical work of The Loveland Foundation

Use SameSide's platform to host a virtual wellness event, whether it's a mindfulness session, yoga or something else, to raise funds for The Loveland Foundation! By using SameSide to organize your event, you will join a campaign of events across the country all with the same goal. Added benefits of using SameSide include:

  • RSVP & donation collecting with donations going directly to The Loveland Foundation
  • Broader marketing & PR efforts around the campaign
  • Resources sent to all guests from SameSide about the important work of The Loveland Foundation
  • Be part of a community of wellness leaders who recognize the importance of using their platform for the highest good for all

Here's how to get started:


1. Create a SameSide account

See this video for how to create your account on SameSide. 

2. Create Your Event Listing

Watch this short video for instruction on how to set up your event on SameSide. 

Fill out this donation worksheet

This helps us determine how much of your ticket price will go directly to The Loveland Foundation. 

Event Images

Use these images for your event or use your own! (We love Canva as a free tool to create beautiful graphics). The dimensions for the image should be at least 450x600 px and smaller than 1 MB.

What happens next?

That's it! Now you're ready to start promoting your event and collecting RSVPs. When your event is scheduled to start, your guests will receive a toolkit via text with information and ways to further support The Loveland Foundation. 

Here's how you check your RSVPs and guest list.

Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Loveland Foundation receive the funds we raise?

You predetermine the amount of each ticket you want to dedicate to The Loveland Foundation in the donation worksheet. We send that amount on to them for you after the event and the rest to you via direct deposit.

How much should my ticket price be?

That is up to you! You determine how much you want to go to The Loveland Foundation and how much goes to you for your time and energy. A typical session costs anywhere from $80 - $200 with insurance so you can keep that in mind when you set your fundraising goal. You can set different ticket tier prices and enable your guests to add in additional donations. 100% of donations go to The Loveland Foundation. 

How do I get paid?

We send the money through direct deposit. When you sign up as a host you are onboarded through SameSide's payment platform. We will send you your payout within 48 hours of your event.

Do I need to know a lot about mental health and wellness?

No! You just have to care about everyone having the opportunity to access to culturally competent mental health care. We will send your guests a toolkit with information about why this issue is important and other ways they can get involved. 

Will SameSide help me market my event?

We are doing everything in our power to help build out the campaign overall. We will try to promote as many individual events as possible through our emails and social media but have a focus on bringing more events to the campaign so we can expand the reach of the campaign and benefit everyone. To do so, SameSide is advertising, sharing with publications, influencers and more. We are a teeny, tiny organization with big, hairy audacious goals (like to save humanity) and see this as a partnership to build and grow together. If you have ideas, let us know!