Create an Event With Anti-Racist All Hands

Create a gathering aligned with Anti-Racist All-Hands in 2 minutes! 

SameSide is an events platform that allows you to connect any event or gathering to a cause you believe in and deliver tools to raise awareness and spread knowledge. You can make your event public or private. If it is public, it will show up on the campaign page for others to discover and book. If it's private, it will only be shared with those who you share it with. 

Here's how to get started. 


Get Started

To create an event on SameSide, it's easy! You will be prompted to choose the "Anti-Racist All Hands by Fight Racism" campaign to align with when creating your event listing. By choosing this campaign, your event will be listed on the campaign page and your event page will show information about the campaign. 

Here's an example.

Your guests will also receive a toolkit texted to them at the start of your event. Here's more info about that. 

To get started follow these easy steps:

1. Create a SameSide account

Make sure to check your email to validate the account. 

2. Sign in to your account and click on Account in the upper right corner


3. Follow the prompts in the event creation flow.

Choose "Anti-Racist All Hands by Fight Racism" in the campaign field.

4. Use the ticket tab to collect RSVPs 

In the ticket tab is where you can create an RSVP ticket. You may also want to create an optional ticket with a cost as a donation. You can read more about ticket options here.


5. Enter your virtual meeting link in the Guest Resouces tab. 

Are you using zoom or Google Meet for your virtual event? Put the link to where you will connect in this tab. Guests who RSVP will receive the links you input here in their confirmation email. Use this to communicate the meeting link (for virtual) or any other resources you want to share ahead of the event (like an info page or link to buy a book, watch a film, etc)

There you go. Your event is now live! 

The campaign owners will rececive a notification once you publish your event. 


What's Next?

Promote it!

Use SameSide's share buttons to share on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and in an email.

Here are a few more promotion tips:

  • Start with your network: your friends, family, classmates, colleagues and ask them to share it with their network. 


  • Communicate why you're hosting the event: People are looking to be inspired. Sharing a personal story as to why you want to host a gathering for Anti-Racist All Hands is memorable and unique.


  • Join groups on social media: Groups that align with your interests on Facebook or LinkedIn are a great way to build your network. Make sure you contribute with comments or questions so that when the time comes to invite people to an event, they know who you are and what you stand for.


Collect RSVPs

When your guests RSVP though SameSide, the list will be saved in your SameSide account. 

  1. Sign in and go to the Account drop-down
  2. Click Manage Events
  3. Find the event card you want to check the guestlist on
  4. In the event page, click on Manage Event > Guest List
  5. Here you will see the list of guests who have RSVPd. You can either export the list in a .csv file or Message All guests


After the Event: Getting Paid

Hosts who create ticketed events that collect money on SameSide get paid out within 48 hours of their event. Like money in the bank paid out. We use Zelle to process payments and just need your email address. We'll use the one that you used to sign up with. It's that simple. 


If you have any questions, just shoot us an email:


Start creating your Anti-Racist All Hands gathering now!