Yoniswell Surf Collective

Yoniswell Surf Collective

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Yoniswell: [yō - nē - swell] : A community of female surfers on a mission to inspire and empower through the sport of surfing. We take ownership of ourselves and our life's vision as we strive to infuse our community of girl power into the world in a positive and impactful way. 

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Inspire and Empower Women Through Surfing

Yoniswell provides a supportive and encouraging environment for all women. We are unique individuals with a voice and a love for surfing.

Our objective is to create a community of women who strive to be the best version of themselves. We create a safe space where we encourage and support each other in and out of the ocean. A Yoniswell girl is unique and real. She is authentic.


Four Pillars of Yoniswell

01. Community

We paddle out together and welcome women of all surf levels and encourage beginners. We are stronger as a unit and strive to create a safe space where we lift each other up. Yoniswell Surf Collective supports and encourages one another in and out of the ocean.

02. Acceptance

We accept where we are with confidence and ease as we choose the path of least resistance. We are authentic, open and accepting to anyone who wants to share the love for surfing and community.

03. Knowledge

Personal growth is a process and requires patience. We trust the process and support resources that educate and illuminate the practice of self love.

04. Outreach

We create opportunities for growth and expansion. We are women of action. We invite activities such as and not limited to yoga pre-surf session, breath work, health and fitness workshops, surf lessons, beach cleanups, community service, youth outreach, retreats, etc. We stand for living a healthy lifestyle that creates a positive impact and sustainability within our personal lives and the collective as a whole.

What We Stand For

Yoniswell Surf Collective supports and stands with the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, the sentiment. View our BLM resource guide to be the conduit so others can educate themselves. We can all STAND TOGETHER. Love and peace to all.

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