Take the White Privilege Test

Take the White Privilege Test

Posted 7 months ago

Come Meet A Black Person

Come Meet A Black Person

"As an African-American woman and creator of "Come Meet A Black Person," I have always wonder what it would be like to just read up on racism as oppose to experiencing it 24/7 - every day of my life."

After reading the PEW Research report that found 75% of all white people have 0% non-white people in their social circles, Cheryle Renee Moses decided to work to change that fact. Come Meet A Black Person became real as a way to eradicate racism through relationship building, true Black history and how white privilege and racism exists 24/7 in our lives.

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Eradicating Racism One White Person At A Time

Eradicating racism starts with acknowledging white privilege in all human lives in the world.
Racism is at the forefront of all conversations today in this country. America was built upon racism and it is a part of all systems and structures. In order to eliminate racism, white America must solve this problem. The first step in eradicating racism is to acknowledge white privilege. To do that, we invite you to join us and take the "White Privilege Test" that is for ALL races during "Come Meet A Black Person" virtual networking event. Come Meet A Black Person is where non-Blacks interact genuinely with a group of diverse Black people. "Come Meet A Black Person" is an open forum for human beings to start better relationships with each other across our cultural and racial differences.
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