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Stop Veteran Suicide

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Veterans are at 50% higher risk of suicide than their peers who have not served. We're here to change that.

About the Organization

Stop Soldier Suicide

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Our Goal

Stop Soldier Suicide

We need your help to raise awareness, build community, and connect with as many service members, veterans, and military families as possible. Figuring out where to turn can be a major barrier for service members and veterans in need of assistance. With more than 45,000 veteran service organizations recognized by the IRS, getting help can be difficult, confusing, and time-consuming. We’re here to change that.

Taking Action

Share Our Work

Let your friends, family and community know about the resources we provide.


Host Your Own Gathering

Organize an event in your community that supports our mission.


Support Our Work

Help us provide mission-critical support to Stop Soldier Suicide.


Create your own event and join Stop Veteran Suicide

Create your own event and make a difference just by bringing people together and doing the things you love. Whether it's happy hour at a dive bar, a yoga class, or backyard concert, Sameside helps your guestlist find their representatives and take action.

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