Power The Polls

Power The Polls

Posted 1 month ago

Power the Polls

Power the Polls

Power the Polls is a first-of-its-kind initiative to recruit poll workers to ensure a safe, fair election for all voters. This is a critical moment. America is in the midst of a nationwide poll worker shortage. The consequences have already been felt in several recent primaries, where poll worker shortages led to long lines and voter disenfranchisement. 

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As coronavirus continues to impact Americans across the country, we are also seeing a staggering decrease in poll workers — which could mean closed polling places and long delays for elections in 2020. You can help make sure we have a safe, fair, efficient election for all voters, and potentially get paid to do it.

Power the Polls will be a part of the solution by addressing the need for low-risk and diverse poll workers who can staff in-person voting locations during early voting and on Election Day. Help us reach 250,000 new poll workers!


Can anyone be a poll worker?

Qualifications vary by jurisdiction. Many states require poll workers to be registered to vote in the state or their local jurisdiction. In some cases, younger people who aren’t yet eligible to vote can also serve as poll workers.

Are poll workers paid?

Local jurisdictions will often pay poll workers a stipend for their participation. In most cases, you will be paid with a check for a day’s worth of work. In some cases, poll working may be voluntary and not paid.

What do poll workers do?

There are many kinds of jobs for poll workers to do, including helping voters maintain physical distance in lines, wiping down machines and equipment, and helping voters check in, understand their ballots, and cast their vote. With absentee and mail voting, poll workers also help open and count mailed ballots.

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Help democracy in your community and help us reach our goal of 250,000 healthy low-risk poll worker volunteers.

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