Menstrual Equity, Education and Empowerment for All

Menstrual Equity, Education and Empowerment for All

Posted 19 months ago



Modibodi (pronounced "mah-dee bah-dee," a clever play on "Modified for your Body") is an Australian-founded collection of reusable period- and incontinence-proof underwear, swimwear and activewear. One pair at a time, Modibodi strives to give all bodies more confidence and comfort, as well as a more environmentally sustainable solution to disposable hygiene products.

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Make Unmentionables Totally Mentionable

Pads, tampons, and cups, oh my - when it comes to that “time of the month,” we’ve all heard this limited shortlist of menstrual products. In 2013, Modibodi’s Founder & CEO Kristy Chung recognized that the conversation around “the four P’s” - pee, periods, perspiration & pregnancy - hadn’t kept pace with the times.

In the U.S. specifically, conversations around sociocultural barriers to menstrual hygiene products are more timely than ever, yet are often silenced by stigma and shame. Thirty-three states (that’s two-thirds) still deem period products “luxury items” as opposed to “essential” items. Enough is enough. With political pressure, open communication, and an eye towards the future, Modibodi is on a mission to bring about a healthier and more inclusive nation where bleeding is never seen as a burden.

Whether you currently flow, used to flow, or know someone who flows, join Modibodi in our efforts to promote period-positive dialogue and policymaking across all fifty states.

Advocate for the Menstrual Equity for All Act

Send a pre-written email to California legislators to advocate for the Menstrual Equity for All Act in California. We make it easy with one click!

Buy One Donate One!

Managing your period or leaks while social distancing and self-isolating⁠ has become increasingly difficult. People stocking up on essentials has made it hard to get access to disposable hygiene in supermarket aisles. Some people have also lost income due to closing or struggling businesses. Even our healthcare workers are in need of protection while they work to keep us safe.


Modibodi wants to help. By facilitating donations of our reusable period and leak-proof underwear to global charities and organizations, we’re aiming to bridge the period poverty divide both ongoing and during the Covid-19 pandemic to support those in need.


For every pair purchased, Modibodi donates to a pair to those in need through our vast network of charitable partners, including PERIOD.#HappyPeriodI Support the Girls in the States, Frontliners in Australia, and many similar organizations around the world.

Host your own event for menstrual equity

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Bring people together to help learn more and take action for menstrual equity. Whether its a virtual panel discussion, a class, or just a happy hour with friends, get involved in the causes you’re passionate about by combining advocacy with connection.