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Make Medicinal Cannabis Available for Military Veterans

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Our nation’s veterans deserve access to medical marijuana as a treatment option for chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other conditions common among the veteran community.

About the Organization

Marijuana Policy Project

MPP believes that the greatest harm associated with marijuana is prison. We focus on removing criminal penalties for marijuana use, with a particular emphasis on making marijuana medically available to seriously ill people who have the approval of their doctors.

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Our Goal

Make cannabis treatment available to military veterans suffering from chronic pain and PTSD

Help us tell the VA to carry out a clinical trial of the effects of cannabis on certain health outcomes of adults with chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder, and for other purposes. Cannabis’ therapeutic effects in treating the symptoms of PTSD have garnered interest from the medical community, and the FDA has previously approved clinical trials to study it further. Unfortunately, there has been limited research on whole plant marijuana and PTSD due to federal obstruction. Our veterans deserve better.

Taking Action

Contact Representatives

Your voice matters! Your representatives work for you and are elected to represent your values. When we send contact our legislators, we let them know how they should represent us when making laws and policy decisions.


Share with Friends

We all have influence among family, friends and those we come in contact with daily. When we come from a place of authentic empathy and relay personal stories we have the ability to share our values and shape perceptions. Fake news has met its match.


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