Senator Holly Mitchell

Los Angeles

Holly Mitchell for LA County Supervisor

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Now more than ever, it matters who decides on how we invest in our communities.

About the Organization

Senator Holly Mitchell

For the past nine years, Holly Mitchell has represented LA in the California State legislature. Holly is one of the most effective representatives for Los Angeles, having worked to pass nearly 70 bills in the legislature to protect and advance California’s values. Some of Holly’s proudest accomplishments include the #EqualityandJustice package of criminal justice reform bills, transitional housing placement for foster youth to help prevent youth homelessness and extended access to mental health care services for our most vulnerable residents. Holly is proud to be a mother, a third generation Angeleno and to have amassed three decades of experience working with communities and leaders in Los Angeles to remove barriers so that all of its residents can thrive.

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Our Goal

Elect Holly to LA County Supervisor

Our campaign is rooted in improving the lives of fellow residents and powered by the community. We need your help to build a movement that will make our district proud at every step. Holly understands that we are facing a pivotal time in our nation’s history that calls for Los Angeles and California to lead by example and to stand up for our nation’s moral compass. As Supervisor, Holly will meet this demand by fighting for the diverse values and people of Los Angeles County. Join us!

Taking Action


Invest in ensuring the voices and needs of all LA county residents are met.



Know The Issue

From homelessness to jobs to environmental justice, learn how I will fight for LA County's most serious issues.

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Our most valuable asset is our dedicated group of volunteers who provide expertise, compassion, and commitment to our issue.

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