Menstrual Health Education for All

Menstrual Health Education for All

Posted 25 months ago



#HappyPeriod was founded by Chelsea VonChaz and her Mother, Cherryl Warner, in the Spring of 2015. The idea came to Chelsea after witnessing a homeless woman crossing the street, free-bleeding, wearing blood stained rags. After talking to a rep of a shelter, she learned that pads and tampons are rarely donated and not required to be included in the operational budget.

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Ensure menstrual health education and period care for all

We believe that no one should go without menstrual care and in ending the stigma surrounding menstruation. We are currently developing a new program centered on a youth-centric curriculum focused on period health and self-efficacy. When we remove the socially placed insecurities around the period, women and especially girls can thrive.
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