Elect Women & Flip the Senate

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Meet the ladies trying to take back the Senate

About the Organization


SameSide believes getting together is better with purpose. We empower events and gatherings with action for the issues you care about. #powerthroughpeople.


Our Goal

We're on a mission to elect women to the U.S. Senate and fight for women's rights. Across the U.S. there are incredible women running to take back the senate for women's values. The Senate is on of the most important institutions in America for policies that affect our lives. Join the campaign to learn their stories and what you can do to put them into power.

Taking Action

Share with Friends

We all have influence among family, friends and those we come in contact with daily. When we come from a place of authentic empathy and relay personal stories we have the ability to share our values and shape perceptions. Fake news has met its match.

Host Your Own Gathering

Bring your friends and families together to learn about the incredible women running to take back the U.S. Senate.

Create your own event and join Elect Women & Flip the Senate

Create your own event and make a difference just by bringing people together and doing the things you love. Whether it's happy hour at a dive bar, a yoga class, or backyard concert, Sameside helps your guestlist find their representatives and take action.

Upcoming Events