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About the Organization

Habits of Waste

Habits of Waste (HoW) focuses on protecting our planet by driving a collective societal effort of individuals making change. Our habitual behaviors result in enormous levels of waste but every time each of us breaks a “Habit of Waste”, we shift our society to reach what we call “eco-normal." Join us to learn how you can change habits of waste. 

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Our Goal

Drink tap water and eliminate plastic water bottle use

The marketing prowess of plastic water bottle companies have us drinking and discarding 1 million plastic bottles per minute, and 91% are not recycled. But tap water is GOOD water...and free! Join our campaign to help disrupt the multi billion dollar water bottle industry that is choking our planet with plastic. Plus, you can save thousands of dollars/year by refusing plastic water bottles.

Taking Action

Contact Representatives

Tell your representatives to support tap water education initiatives.

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Share with Friends

Let your friends know about how great tap water is - for them and the planet!


Test Your Own Water

Buy a water testing kit to see just how healthy your tap water is.


Host your own event and join the cause

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Bring people together to help learn more and take action for a cause. Whether its a virtual panel discussion, a class, or just a happy hour with friends, get involved in the causes you’re passionate about by combining advocacy with connection.

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