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About the Organization

Habits of Waste

Habits of Waste (HoW) focuses on protecting our planet by driving a collective societal effort of individuals making change. Our habitual behaviors result in enormous levels of waste but every time each of us breaks a “Habit of Waste”, we shift our society to reach what we call “eco-normal." Join us to learn how you can change habits of waste. 

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Our Goal

Eliminate plastic waste by asking Grubhub, Postmates and Doordash add opt-in features for plastic cutlery. Each year, 40,000,000,000 single-use plastic utensils are thrown away mostly because they are automatically delivered to homes via takeout orders. This is a habit of waste we can change. Join us by emailing Grubhub, Postmates and Door Dash to request they install an “Option for plastic cutlery” feature on their apps to eliminate unnecessary waste. We already convinced UberEats! Currently, these apps automatically provide plastic cutlery for customers ordering food delivery despite users unsuccessful attempts to opt-out.

Taking Action

Contact Representatives

Email GrubHub, Postmates and DoorDash teams and tell them to cut out single-use plastic cutlery.

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