Crayons Can Change the World

Crayons Can Change the World

Posted 19 months ago

Crayon Collection

Crayon Collection

The Crayon Collection mission is to inspire a commitment to environmental consciousness and the infusion of art education in underfunded schools.

Crayon Collection supports students academic success and social-emotional health through the infusion of art and sustainability into vulnerable Head Start and Title 1 classrooms across the United States and in 10 countries.

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Turning discarded crayons into environmental and art education learning opportunities

Our goal is to ensure that every child has access to a crayon.

Having access to a crayon may seem natural but many of the children we work with have never owned even one crayon. By shifting the wasteful behavior of tossing still good crayons we  are able to provide millions of crayons + our art education program to the most underserved schools in the United States and beyond our borders. 

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Our sustainable model makes Crayon Collection incredibly effective and scalable.  Your support enables us to reignite Art Education Programming and send professional artists into classrooms to teach children. These art lessons are usually the first and only exposure to the arts that a child has experienced, opening a never ending world of creative possibilities.

Start Your Own Crayon Collection

Everyone can make a difference! Follow our steps to learn how to start your own Crayon Collection.

Use Our Art Curriculum

View the art project ideas contributed by artists and made into lesson plans by volunteer teachers. Share them with others too!

Host your own event and join the cause

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