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A progressive ballot guide for federal, state and local races – including judges. It's time to choose the future you want.

About the Organization

Courage California

Courage California (formerly Courage Campaign) believes that California must be a beacon of progressive, equitable, and truly representative democracy. Courage California, driven by our 1.4 million members, helps our great state reach its potential by calling out institutional corruption and oppression, improving coordination and collaboration between progressive organizations, and demanding that our state and local representatives be both accountable to and reflective of the Californians they seek to serve.

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Our Goal

Power Your Vote With Our Courage California Voter Guide

In the age of misinformation, you need a voice you can trust to provide reliable resources for informed decisions about the races on your ballot. Courage California has created the first ever (!!) progressive voter guide for all Californians. Find the candidates that are endorsed by the organizations you trust and choose the candidates that are right for you. By using the Courage California Voter Guide, you'll be able to see which candidates really stand for the progressive values of California. Because as California goes, so goes the nation. Please share this with your friends, family, colleagues and community and remember to vote by March 3rd.

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Get Up To Date on Voting With Our FAQs

Our strategy for developing this guide and all the recommendations it holds was and continues to be a work in progress. Read on for a view into our methodology and how we created this guide.

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