Anti-Racist All Hands

Anti-Racist All Hands

Posted 19 months ago

Fight Racism

Fight Racism

We are an affinity group gathering to share resources which have been meaningful to us in our own anti-racism work thus far to share amongst other white people and non-Black people of color. 

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Committing to Dismantling White Supremacy

This campaign exists to mobilize action and education towards anti-racist work and will be a space for white people and non-Black people of color to learn and unlearn without putting the burden and oweness on Black friends, acquaintances and public figures to do all the teaching. There is not enough accountability on those who benefit from white supremacy and it is a moment which requires intra-community work that is deep, meaningful, and has accountability structures. Those will be developed through gatherings so that we can speak up, speak out, and contribute to a massive and sustainable power redistribution in our culture and social structures.

We will engage with these materials and will dialogue and discuss the role race and white supremacy plays in our lives, how we can dismantle it, actions we can take in our day-to-day lives, and the accountability we need to keep this work ongoing. We will look critically at ourselves, our identities and our actions, and practice speaking about race in a space so that our learning and unlearning will not be triggering or retraumatizing to Black people. We will invite into the space other white people and non-Black POC to build a coalition and learn with and from one another, understanding that no one is expected to be an expert and that feedback when our actions do not align with our beliefs is welcomed.

Educate Yourself with Anti-Racism Curriculum

A curriculum for white people to dismantle white supremacy. 

Host your own event and help dismantle racism

Get Started

Bring people together to learn more and take action. We'll send the curriculum to every participant's phone at the time of your gathering. Create your gathering and connect it to the "Anti-Racist All Hands" campaign.