Brady Brunch for Background Checks
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Sensible Gun Solutions

Brady Brunch for Background Checks

Brady United's Expand Gun Background Checks

date -
location Over Easy Cafe
32 Broadway St, Asheville, NC 28801
ticket $53.00 USD - $10.00 USD - /person
All Ages!

Food, drinks and action to stop gun violence

We're hosting a brunch to support Brady and end gun violence. Let's gather over eggs and mimosas and learn what we can do to end gun violence.

Our Goal

Expand Brady Background Checks on Nearly All Private Gun Sales

Passing legislation to expand background checks to nearly every gun sale, including those conducted online, at gun shows, and through private transfers, is our number one priority.


Contact Representatives

Tell Senators to Expand Background Checks


Know The Issue

Arm yourself with the facts of our issue, our goals and how we will work - together - to change it. 


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Nicole àBeckett

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My name is nicole and I love bringing people together… See more

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