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Self-Care in the Time of Trump

How to not implode when your President is Donald Trump

July 25, 2018

by Sarah Whitman


It’s 2018. You drag yourself out of bed every morning with the knowledge that our President is a treasonous Cheeto. Listening to the news has become monotonous and sad. We get it. We really do. You deserve to feel happy and healthy, and we want to help you get there. Here are some self-care tips to get you through the Time of Trump.


Take A Step Back

Yes, being informed is important. But do you know what’s more important? Your sanity. Listen to music on your morning commute instead that political podcast you’ve been binging. Take a day (or two) off Twitter. Breathe and remind yourself that it will all be okay.


Reduce Stress

Meditation has become really trendy, and it also has some real health benefits! Mindfulness can help combat stress, depression, and anxiety, boost your immune system, and increase resilience. And we all need more resilience to prepare for the resistance.


If mindfulness isn’t your thing, try exercise! Exercise has been proven to lessen anxiety and depression. Even going for a quick walk can help with mood enhancement. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!




Being a person is hard enough in 2018 without the added stress of people like Devin Nunes slowly trying to destroy our country. Take a night off, do a facemask, and sip a glass of Nasty Woman Wine. You might even try a cannabis infused beauty product from girl boss Olivia Alexander’s company Kush Queen. Kick back and enjoy life for a minute. Tomorrow is a new day.


Do One Small Action

One of the reasons things feel so overwhelming right now is because the problems seem so big.  But, taking small, meaningful actions do make a difference over time and can increase enthusiasm and optimism.  Here are some things that you can do to make things seem manageable and keep you from going insane:

  • Come to a SameSide event!  We help you have fun and make a difference.  Have a cocktail, get your workout on, and make your voice heard for the issues that matter most to you, like women’s empowerment, equality, and sensible gun solutions.


  • Put pressure on your Representatives. Send them an email, a tweet, or call them asking what they are doing about family separation

  • Volunteer for an organization you believe in. Whether it be Swing Left, NARAL, or an animal shelter, you will make a difference and even see positive health effects.


  • If you have some spare change, consider donating to an organization that is fighting for the issues you care about. Everytown, GLAAD, Planned Parenthood, and Courage Campaign are all doing amazing work! SameSide is grateful to have such awesome partners.




Register to Vote

If you only do one thing, THIS. IS. IT.

Many people believe that their votes and voices don’t matter, but they do. Whether the election is for President, Senate, Congress, Governor, State Legislature, or City Council, EVERY. VOTE. COUNTS.

If you’re already registered, make it a goal to register one friend a week. Now is the time to push the boundaries of normal friendship if there ever was one.

Here are some great resources to easily register to vote, and find out your local polling place, as well as information about upcoming elections where you live:


If you’re unsure your state’s rules about voter registration, search your state’s name and “voter registration” and it will pop right up.







Times are tough, but change is possible!  There is always #PowerThroughPeople.  


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