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SameSide Rewind: Rise for Climate

Abbot Kinney came together to Rise for Climate

September 10, 2018


On Saturday, September 8th, SameSide partnered with Alternative Apparel and Frisco Brandy to host Rise for Climate - Abbot Kinney! September 8th was national Rise for Climate day where people all around the country attended rallies and marches to fight for climate justice and tell leaders to support clean energy. 

SameSide is all about making politics easy and accessible, so instead of holding another march, we gave people an alternative. Over cheese platters and Frisco sangria, we took action by calling on the EPA to stop the rollback of fuel emission standards set during the Obama administration. This rollback would increase fuel emissions by 7% (that’s a lot, we checked), and cost the economy $450 billion by 2050! I don’t know about you, but we think that’s crazy....


Here’s Why We Fight:

Car emissions are one of the leading causes of poor air quality, and poor air quality causes allergies, asthma, general lung inflammation, and is even one of the leading causes of lung cancer. Special shoutout to all of the ladies we met at the event who are battling lung cancer and stopped by to give us this important insight. You were all amazing, and we at SameSide support you. 

Guests could take 4 different actions to protect air quality. In total, together we took part in 158 actions during the day. We wrote postcards and emails to the EPA letting them know we do not want this rollback. We also advocated for a NO vote on SCOTUS because, shocker of the day, Brett Kavanaugh is bad for the environment too! What is he good for? We honestly can’t find anything…

We know a lot of you might feel hopeless about the big issues going on in the world today. We’re here to tell you STOP THAT! There is always something to do, someone to talk to, and action to take. Just today California Governor Jerry Brown signed a historic piece of clean energy legislation into law. The law commits California to get 100 percent of its electricity from renewable and zero-carbon sources by 2045. Nothing gets done if we sit back and wait. Use your voice and help move policy forward.

If you missed the event but still want to take action, send an email to the EPA or contact your Senators and tell them to vote NO on Kavanaugh. If you’re REALLY passionate about the environment, host your own event! We’re always looking for passionate people to make sh*t happen.



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