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SameSide Rewind: RBG

Saving SCOTUS one movie screening at a time

September 18, 2018

Over the past two weeks, SameSide has hosted two screenings of RBG and advocated for Senators to vote NO vote on Brett Kavanaugh!

Our first event was a collaboration with The Next Collective, Cinematheque Hansen, and Vinovore. Over 50 attendees came out on a balmy LA evening to watch the superhero movie of the year led by Hannah Hansen of Cinematheque Hansen. Over pizza and wine, nearly 100 postcards were signed, and hundreds of actions took place to halt this nomination. No means no, Brett.


We decided one screening wasn’t enough. We needed more RBG, more wine, and of course, more action. Natalia Foroutan hosted a small, outdoor screening complete with pizza, wine and pups, and a small (optional) donation to Planned Parenthood.


Tears were shed over the brilliance of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (mostly mine), and guests and hosts alike were inspired and ready to take action to oppose Kavanaugh.

Here’s the thing: everything we are doing is WORKING. Multiple Republicans, including Senator Susan Collins who is a critical swing vote for his appointment, have come out and said that both Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Ford, need to testify under oath before any vote continues. This could not have happened without all of the postcards, phone calls, emails, and tweets. So keep pushing, keep fighting, and keep believing that we can make a change!


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