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SameSide Rewind: Amber Rose Slutwalk

Recapping the most magical day of the year

October 09, 2018

Sluts, bitches, and hoes united in the name of self-expression and justice on Saturday for the annual Amber Rose Slutwalk. SameSide was lucky enough to participate and witness all of the love and community that was present that day. We were ready with voter registration, our free voter guide, and of course our new merch!



The day included musical performances, spontaneous appearances from Amber herself, and, of course, a twerk contest. Did I participate? No. Do I wish I did? Absolutely. Should I have? No probably not...



Here’s the thing about the Slutwalk: it is one of the most welcoming and freeing experiences you will ever have. Guests could wear anything from long-sleeves and jeans to pasties and a thong. Anything goes! Amber and her team successfully created a culture where people could be whoever and whatever they want with absolutely no judgment or shame.



The pinnacle of the event came when Amber and a few of her friends were on stage talking about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and her bravery. Many of the people at Slutwalk are sexual assault survivors themselves, and we can’t begin to imagine the struggle of hearing about Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed in the middle of the event. But once again, the community pulled together to show their support for Dr. Ford, Ms. Ramirez, and the other women who have come forward, and those who probably could not.




We were so grateful to have the chance to participate in such an amazing event, and we already can’t wait for next year!!! If you attended and took a picture at our photo booth, make sure to get your pictures HERE.


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