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It's A Supplemental Voter Guide!

LA County, we've got you covered

October 23, 2018

by Sarah Whitman


That’s right guys and gals of LA County, SameSide is dropping some more knowledge on you with this supplemental voter guide. We’ve got everyone up for reelection on the Court of Appeals, The County Assessor (yup, that’s a thing), and the slightly tricky Measure B for you right here. So sit back, relax, grab your mail-in ballot because SameSide’s got you covered.



Court of Appeals

This is a court you would take a case to if you are unhappy with the ruling in your first trial and you want a redo. LA County is the 2nd district in the Court of Appeals. Judges are nominated by the Governor, but eventually, the people of the district (that’s us) get to vote on them and say if they should continue their term.


Victoria G. Chaney - YES

Helen Bendix - YES

Elwood Lui - YES

Victoria M. Chavez - YES

Luis A. Lavin - YES

Halim Dhanidina - YES

Anne E. Egerton - YES

Nora M. Manella - YES

Thomas Willhite - YES

Dorothy C. Kim - YES

Carl H. Moor - YES

Lamar W. Baker - YES

Arthur Gilbert - YES

Martin J. Tangeman - YES

Gail R. Feuer - YES

John L. Segal - YES

Tricia A. Bigelow - YES


I’m gonna be honest here: information is EXTREMELY limited on these judges. I did as much research as I could and decided to go with yes on all of them. If you know something we don’t, let us know!


County Assessor 

Jeffrey Prang. Basically, this person determines how much property tax a person has to pay each year. They assess the value of the property. It’s super nice that John “Lower Taxes” Loew wants to lower our taxes, but property taxes go to important things like public education. Jeffrey Prang has been doing his job, so let’s reelect him.



Measure B: This measure allows Los Angeles to start a city-owned bank but doesn’t mandate it.

Supported by: LA County Democratic Party, Courage Campaign, Fossil Free California

Opposed by: LA Times

Our take: YES. Government-owned banks have worked in the past in other states, like North Dakota. Government-owned banks were more likely to survive the economic crash of 2008. With a city-owned bank, we would not be paying fees to massive banks and we would control our own money and funds. I think we can all agree that it’s better to have more control and options for our money.



Want to do more for this election than fill in your ballot? Check out our experiences page to find an easy and fun way to make a difference! And make sure to reserve your spot for our pre-election soiree!







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