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Host Spotlight: Kady Lafferty of Big Booty Yoga

August 30, 2018

Meet Kady Lafferty of Big Booty Yoga, host of Downdogs & Democracy in Denver, CO. You can check out Kady's experiences monthly leading up to the midterms at www.onsameside.com/experiences.

How do yoga and activism mesh?

So much of the yoga community is well-intentioned and have a passion for equality, but often don't know where to direct their efforts. In times of uncertainty we can send "love & light" all we want, and while energy and thoughts are important- so is action. Yoga focuses on the oneness of all and how we're all in it together- hosting SameSide experiences gives people an opportunity to channel that in a meaningful and quantitative way.

Why did you become a SameSide host?

My Bachelors is in Political Science and I come from a family who was very politically active. From listing to NPR everyday in my Dad's car to chatting politics over dinner- it is something that has always been a part of my life. Never did I imagine I could combine my passion of yoga and political activism, so when I found out about SameSide I was pumped to become a host.

What issue did you choose to support with your experience and why?

Each month I am supporting different issues with Downdogs & Democracy but my first event was for LGBTQ equality as I am the daughter of a gay man (who is the dopest & best father ever).

What do you listen to while you take action? What songs/artists motivate you?

Lizzo always gets me hyped on Women's Empowerment.

If you could invite anyone living or dead to your event who would it be?

RBG. Always and forever.

What would you say to convince someone to take action on an issue you care about?

Use your impact for good- it is so much easier than we have been conditioned to think. SameSide has all of the details on lock to make it a fun and easy process!







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